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membraine sweep?

hello ladies just wondered if any one knows how long after a sweep you go into labour? or if it even works atall?? 5 days late, having a sweep on thurs...x

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  • hi sarah. it is a good way of trying to get you into labour with out inducing you. i think it's all 50/50. it all depends on how favourable your cervix is .in my experience of having a sweep(i've had 2 with previous pregnancies) it has got me into labour easily within hours. it varies from person to person. hopefully it will happen ok for you. good luck. xx
  • oh right, worked quick for you then? thanx for reply and luck. hope works quick, am getting so uncomfy. x
  • I had one with my first baby at 3 days overdue, haha 12 days later still no baby and i ended up being induced 14 days over my dates. Just had one done today with this baby and they told me theres no sure thing to get labour started although when she examined me she said my cervix was very soft and she actually pulled my mucus plug out!! She streched the area and said she would be suprised if i didnt go into labour within 48 hours. Sat here in agony trying to keep moving lol. Good luck!!
  • I asked my midwife about that exact thing this morning. I'm due on Sunday and will be booked in for a sweep if there's no signs of the baby by next Thursday. M/wife said that first time mums have a 25-30% chance of labour starting and that it's a bit higher with subsequent pregnancies. It's supposedly better than being induced though, as you go through the first stage of labour, building up the levels of pain, rather than being induced which starts with panful contractions.
  • hi i had sweep on tue just gone this is my 3rd baby midwife said cervix is part effaced and low but im still sitting here waiting for labour to start so dont get your hopes up
  • thanx for replies, had sweep yesterday, contractions started within an hour 5 mins apart last 40-60 secs, rang m/w and she said she thought it would be all over by late evening!! contractions stopped at 8 0'clock last night, then started again bout 11 or 12.and so far just backache today. well depressed, thought would be holding him now!! x
  • I had one on Saturday, and nothing yet....
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