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can anyone tell me if this is in anyway related to labour but th elast 2 days ive felt very different i think ive been havin braxton hicks, i had heart burn so much yesterday at tea time and all through the night n now ive got this pain in my pelvis its really like a pushing down feels like i want to have my legs streched apart!!! my mood is very down and i just want it over now. Also ive had the most teriable head ache and pain in my knees i think that is from the weight im carrying plz any advice before i go mad!!!!


  • Maybe the pain in your pelvis is the head engaging. You are not a big baby i was a right moody cow for about 2 weeks (9 months according to hubby) before my baby was born. hope you feel better soon
  • Hi Tonioo
    You message is quite reassuring. I am now 1 week overdue, and am feeling rough. Same as you with heartburn, cannot sleep very well, was sick most of Thursday night, aches and pains in legs, bottom, hips etc etc etc, and I too am feeling a bit of a wus. I cannot wait to get it over and done with. Keep getting pains and think, ooh this is it and then is disappears. Booked in for induction next Friday, so one way or another it will come. Only got 6 sleeps to go.
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