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My OH!

Argh i cant seem to get him to understand that labour isnt roses and daisies! he thinks that all he has to do is hold my hand! where can i get some information to give him more information about the birth, what decisions he may have to make e.t.c. im worried whether he'll be the best birth partner, i want him there but its getting him to have the right info to support me is the problem!


  • Oh he sounds just like my hubby!! When I was having my 2nd he asked the midwife if i was normal! (still havent forgiven him for that and that was 7 years ago) If your not confident your oh will be able to make your wishes known then write everything down and keep it with your labour notes. To be honest i told my hubby i wanted him to keep me cool with a sponge or water spray when i had my first but when he tried to do it i wanted to smack him. Im sure when it comes to it he will be fine. Good luck x
  • Try getting him to go to an antenatal class with you, they're really informative and he'll be able to ask questions too.
    My OH was working and could'nt go to mine, i was a bit gutted, but the other day i bought prima b&p and he read it before i did! Just leave some magazines laying around. It'll do the trick eventually. Or, if he thinks he knows it all already get him to take a quiz. You could both write one for eachother and then do it together.
  • you could get him to watch one of the birthing programmes!.. that will soon give him an idea of just how hard it can me... and what to expect from a raging woman in labour!.. Not in all cases...
    Ive been watching some birthing stories on sky and its really opened my eyes to what its going to be like.
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