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Having an induction

Woohoo! i've finally had some good news, i've been booked in for an induction this week!
I'm going in Friday and being induced on Saturday. I'm so relieved coz now i can start getting things ready and sterelise the baby stuff. I am so excited!
The consultant decided today that it was pointless to delay things any further as my SPD has gotton worse plus i'm now 38+4 weeksand due to my husband not being able to drive and help me in and out the bath coz he's had an operation, the consultant booked me in straight away. Finally things seem to be getting better.


  • hi lei. thats great news. i'm also hoping for an induction soon as my blood pressure is going up and am on the verge of pre eclampsia. i am seeing the doctor on friday at the hospital.
    i have been induced twice before with pre eclampsia and high blood pressure so not too worried about it, but it's exciting isn't it to know that your baby will be coming soon. good luck and hope all goes ok for you.xx
  • hi
    i will get induced aswell.the consultants said to me u live in the middle of nowhere and u might not make it in time (and my two other biths was so quick)so i have to go into hospital when iam 34 weeks to book myself in.iam bit nervoes.
  • At least that way we don't have to worry about our waters breaking in a supermarket. Then again, it could still happen.
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