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Getting Broody!!

Hi everyone, I'm new here !
I've actually joined to keep my broodiness in check lol.
My son is 19 months and I've been broody since he was 8 months old as DH wanted to wait til he's finished his masters degree before we have baby 2 - so we've comprimised by starting to try again in the summer - not long now LOL
have made an appointment to see the nurse for a folic acid scrip and check up


  • ive been broody since bub was born shes only 11 weeks but oh says not yet(sensible!) thought i was only one lol
  • im so glad other ladies feel the same way, im always broody my lo is 7 weeks and im already thinking about another. not going to do anything about it though, oh says if i want anymore i may go somewhere else lol.:\?
  • Hello everyone!
    I went through all my daughters photos from the day she was born yesterday and even though I found the first few months so hard, I have also found I'm extremely broody too! My mind is trying too shut out the long nights and tears but when I looked at those pictures I just went all gushy! x
  • hi ladies i am so broody to i have been feeling this way for about a year now my children are 4 next month and 3 in oct i would love another but hubby says no more for us i am gutted and this makes my longing worse.
    Laura x
  • hi every1 my daughter is 16months and im soo broody that i cant think of anything but being pg and having another baby. i really miss being pg i loved it apart from being sick every day for the 1st 5months and losing a stone

    To MummyJ
    i know its hard to ignore your feelings for being broody but you should enjoy your youngest as there is so much to look forward to when he/she learns new things and makes you feel proud. maybe its too soon for your hubby to think of another baby, after all the joys of birth and sleepless night are prob still fresh in his memory

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  • hey ladies,
    i must say i'm a waiting kinda girl, i'm expecting my 2nd in early oct when my son will be 3 and a 1/2.... i think we've waited about right as ive found hes much more excepting to the idea plus half of you still have the best bits to come the weening,running,talking,potty training etc, ive found that i know my little boy so much better for him bein the only one at the moment but it also means hes not 2old to except change easily. at least with him a little more independant, just by dressing himself he makes the mornings easier to handle esp means i'll be split between two in a few months..... x
  • hi all my son is a month old and i feel sad that the whole pregnancy and post birth thing is over!! i have stopped breastfeeding although didnt really want to, and my boobs are now empty and i hate it!!! i want that feeling again and already talking about next time much to my OH horror!! have to be sensible though and wait a while!! x lol! x
  • My daughter is 14 months old and i can't wait to have my next baby. i felt so special when i was pregnant although your know you're not you still feel like you're the only person in the world whose ever been pregnant!! And now Gracie is growing up so quick i miss having that new born baby that everyone looks at down the shops and says "ahhhh isn't she lovely!" Fortunately Grace is a very sociable toddler and loves waving and smiling at people. i would love to have another baby pretty soon. i think i just miss the special feeling you get with a new baby. Will have to convince Mark that if he wants a boy he's going to have to start doing something! x
  • My youngest of 3 is only 7 months old but would love 2 hav more babies money and time r the issue though and hav been advised not 2 hav more as had bad spd ,but 3 is enough prob hav 2 tell myself that over i dont think broodiness ever leaves that is natures clever little trick x
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