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Number two's!

Hi, my daughter is 2 and a half and has just finished her potty training ..... well sort of!
She seems to get confused when it comes to number two's as she keeps running to the potty and then as soon as shesits down on the potty she gets up again. I hav to wait until she starts straining in her pants before quickly placing her on the potty as all other times she never sits on the potty long enough for it to start working. I have tried reading a book with her or trying to distract her but nothing seems to work. Any advice would be greatly received.


  • the first time i had to hold her down but then gave her lots of praise after and some sweeties and then every time she sat and had a number two i rewarded her with 1 sweetie
  • Hi I amhaving problems with my daughter and her number 2s, too. She is 2 and is fully wee wee trained day and night. But everything turns into chaos as soon as she needs a poo. She knows she needs to go like a wee but refuses to go on the toilet and calls out for a nap (nappie) so if she knows she is going to do it why would she refuse toilet and ask for a nappie?? I sometimes think she is scared to do it, but any advice gratefully recieved, I have tried treats, sweets and charts with no luck xx
  • have you tried getting her to poo with her nappy on but sit on the potty? then you could put the nappy in the potty and letting her poo in the nappy, but not have attched to her? then eventually move the nappy away?? could be an idea... other than that maybe getting her to poo in the toliet and skip the potty completly? good luck xxx
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