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Hi all

I was just wondering how many of us got strech marks and how we feel about them.

I got quite a few stretch marks from around 7 months of pregnancy and they are starting to slowly fade now.

They don't really bother me because its all a part of my pregnancy and i have a beautiful baby at the end of it, but theres a girl at work who has stretch marks too after having a baby but tells everyone she didn't get a single one. She obviously feels very consious about them

I don't think i'd wear a bikini for a while but i'm not ashamed of them.

what do you all think? :\?:\?:\?


  • Hi, I'm not ashamed of mine either, they are part of the pregnancy process!!! Mine started to appear at about 25 weeks and are red in a straight line accross my belly button. I have been told that they will fade to silvery lines after. It just shows that these creams and oils don't really work, I think it's genetic and if your gonna get them, nothing will stop em!! My cream does help to moisturise and relieve my stretched skin though. Just think, it'll be worth it when we have our babies in our arms!!!!!!!

    Emma 37 + 2 x
  • Sorry aaron 2006, ignore my last comment, you already have your baby!!!!! Silly me, gorgeous baby by the way!
  • Thankyou.
    Not long to go now for you.
    hope everything goes well for you
  • ive got loads of strech marks, my boys are worth everyone but it saddens me sometimes. x
  • Im absolutly destroyed with them. They faded quite a lot after my first baby but when I had my second, I lost my weight fairly quickly and they just seemed to be everywhere. I used bio oil for about 3 months and it definatly did make a huge difference but like everythin else, that routine went out the window and they returned with avengence. Im very concious of my stomach and keep tellin myself they are the only price I had to pay for my children but it does'nt really boost my self confidence.
  • double bubble - I want to get inbetween those two little fellas and squeeze them, oooh they're gorgeous!! Anyway - I've got one stretch mark and I hate to sound vain, but i was devastated - so i've been using palmers stretch mark cream morning noon and night. I've not put any weight on yet but my shape has changed and I'm obsessed with finding another one!!
  • Hi Aaron, I was thinkin that i was getting away well with no stretch-marks, im 18+5 and quite big already. I was using bio-oil and was confident that i wouldnt get any. HORROR!! found 2 baby stretch-marks today when dressin after a shower in front of the mirror! I am a little pissed as i was sure i wouldnt get any but Instead of dwelling on it im gonig to throw the mirror in the bin! x
  • Hi Gazno
    Throwing the mirror in the bin is the best thing, it takes too much effort worrying about strech marks lol.
    Mine are slowly fading and i must admit i'll be glad when they are just silver lines.
    I was a bit upset when i first got them but my o/h constantly told me how beautiful i was and constantly reassured me that i looked great.
  • all the stretch marks i have are not from being pregnant.
    its from when i was fatter a few years ago.
    how crap is that?!
    19 and ive got fat person stretch marks!

    but i will blame my son if anyone says anythin haha
    havent got any more since bein pregnant
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