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First test positive (clear blue) others (tesco) negative?

hi, i would give u the same advice as nic n bump and if u can afford it get a clear blue digital test that actually comes upwith the words 'pregnant' and do the test in the morning. shop around for the test because they do vary in price - i found sainsburies sold them a couple of quid cheaper than boots (but check they are not on offer). I had lots of posititive tests but still didn't believe them until i saw it in words!


  • I've done two pregnancy tests, first one was positive, second one negative which one should i go with?
    7 days late (not usual) TTC. Not too many prgnancy signs however not my usually pre mentsrul signs either! Have a little creamy discharge sometimes with slight blue/purple tinger to my area.

    First test clear blue, VERY faint line, second test tesco, taken 4 hours later. negative. One this morning, negative.

    Called Doctor for advice, receptionist passed on message said im pregnant - they dont do blood tests or free pregnancy tests on the NHS any longer!! (im in the UK, we have to do what they tell us!)

    Am i pregnant? doc says they take a positive test as confirmtation these days. (but the tesco cheap one for ??3 was negative??!)

    Thanks in advance :\?
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yes you are pregnant! There's no such thing as a "little bit" pregnant! Your body has got enough of the HCG (the pregnancy hormone) to detect even the smallest amount in your urine, and you only make HCG when you're pregnant. Of my first 4 tests, the first was positive, second and third negative and fourth positive, all same brand (First Response). I did the first two on the same day, and the next two the following day. Just be warned though, one in three pregnancies doesn't implant, but I really am keeping my fingers crossed for you! CONGRATS again! x
  • From what i have read you are more likely to have a false negative than positive, the best time to test is in the morning as the hormones are more apparent at that first wee, i owuld perhaps suggest you buy anotehr test and do one with your first wee tomorrow making sure you follow the instructions to the letter and see what you get.

    I did three tests and all of mine were positive so i cannot really identify with your situation but hopefully if you test tomorrow am it will be a BFP, failing that go and see your doctor in person.
  • imageAwww thanks! I hope its true after 9 years and in these circumstances. My husband keeps saying its the imaculate conception!

    clinging onto hope that it was just the amount of HCG

    surely and hopefull the test couldnt be wrong!

    thank you for your support...xx
  • Its always best to test with your first wee as its concentrated, if it was your first wee you tested with clearblue then the chances are you are pregnant, the one you did 4 hours later was weaker wee so wouldnt have had as much pregnancy hormone in it (HCG) If you can afford it i would reccommend buying the clearblue digital pregnancy test and test first thing, theres no mistaking the result as it actually tells you. If the pregnancy hormone isnt strong enough it will give a faint blue line. Hope this helps.
    I think you are pregnant though....congratulations!!
  • I'd just like to add that my third test was a first morning urine, and still came up negative... I'm 18 weeks now... Try a First Response test babe x
  • Thanks people!

    the clear blue was taken with a 2nd or third sample yesterday (which i stored in fridge and bought to room temp)

    The other one was in the evening

    3rd this morning, but had been sipping on water all night , very thirsty!

    Wow, thanks fab, will keep positive, hopefully one of those little swimmers has got through!

  • How exciting!

    Do let us know what happens! I remember when I first tested the line was so faint and I was holding it up to the lightbulb...desperate for that BFP. I'm 17 weeks on Monday!

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi

    Sounds like you are Pregnant...congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    One thing though....are you taking any fertility drugs as these have HCG in them so can give a faulse positive. Other than that its almost unheard of to get false positive. False negs are common though.

    First response first thing in the morning or clearblue are best. i tried tesco before and they did not even get blue line in the testing window...rubbish!!!!!!

    Good Luck and let us all know how it goes.

    di xxx
  • Stumbled into this thread and thought i'd share my experience with you. First time i was pregnant i did a normal clearblue and it was faint but there. Sadly ended in mc. Second time i did a Reveal test (??4 for 2, say no more) the first was negative, didn't believe so did a clearblue next day, positive, did 2nd Reveal, negative then did a Clearblue Digital - positive! Then GP did test and yep it was postive, sadly that also ended in mc. Third time i did a clearblue digital straightaway, positive, followed by a tesco own, positive, followed by another clearblue didgital which was postive again, am now 14+4 so keeping everything crossed.

    I have also found clearblue digital to be the best although they are quite expensive, but at least there "line or no line?" cos it says "pregnant" or "not pregnant".

    Good luck, fingers crossed for you x
  • I agree with everyone else. I say do one last test and make sure its a good one eg clearblue or clearblue digital and do first thing in the morning. your more like to be pregnant then not, Im quite wary of these cheapy supermarket brands.. So congrats!!

    Sam 24w+2
  • Thanks everyone!

    Well this morning i done a digital clear blue.... it was negative....

    I was up late last night til 1am, had drunk last coffee at 10:30pm... done test at 5am....

    Oh i dont know still confused, i wish they still done blood tests here!

    Saw doc yesterday and he says pregnant, but i dont know whats going on!

    Have little white spot like things on nipple area (more every day) now 8 days late and feeling light headed and queezy this morning. Breats starting to ache a little and feeling very hot!

    Thanks for all the support guys!
  • You are getting all systems of a pregnant lady, i feel sorry for you as your mind must be everywhere.
    Have you though of maybe going privately to have blood tests. Private scanning places do also offer blood tests. Its something to consider and to put your mind at rest xx

    Sam 24w+2
  • Thanks, will have alook but i gave up my job this year to go to uni, so broke student lol

    Do you have discharge sometimes?
  • I think your doctor is fobbing you off. Can they not send a urine sample to be tested for you, they did for me when I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not (I had a very early miscarrige). If not I would maybe wait a few days and then test again as the hormone levels get higger every day, I think you are probably pregnant though, congratulations :\)
  • Thanks! I hope so, we both do , TTC for 9 ears.

    Saw him yesterday and he wasnt going to do one, said clear blue were more reliable. Why would one be ositive and 3 not so... or did i drink too much and water it down?? DOH!

    I have small white spots on my nipple too?!?! getting more every day? and discharge.

    The NHS these days are amazinlingly crappy! Considering we are on the waiting list for ICSI next year, you would of thought they would try and find out for us to save ??6k they would have to pay for our treatment!
  • Yeahladyb an increase in discharge is also a sign of early pregnancy and the white spots and be signs on your breats producing milk...i definately think you are pregnant just because of all the signs you've said

    Sam 24w+2 x
  • Hi Sam, thanks! Thats great news, even if i am only 5 weeks ?. I want to cry but i can for some reason, just the feeling of contentment! Laura (ps i amin Essex too!)

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  • Everybodys pregnancy is different...i didnt have any symptonms of pregnancy till about 9 or 10 weeks... try not to worry hun i know its hard but if your stress out it wont do you any good..

    Where in essex u from?
  • Im in wivenhoe, so not too far away!

    Someone just said i could of had an early miscarriage, but im 8 days late and no sign of bleeding... first positve was on wednesday (i think!)
    Im hoping that isnt the case. Although the fluttery sensations have gone, ah well , keep hope!
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