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Hi to all expecting twins!!

I am new to this site and would love to chat to others that are expecting twins!!! I am currently 19 weeks, 20 on Thursday and looking forward to my scan next monday!!

Look forward to hearing from others



  • Hiya

    I'm now 16 weeks and have just got over the shock. Are yours identical? I'm going to find out the sex in 4 weeks so im better prepared ( she syas).

    Good luck

  • Hi

    Twins are non identical!! Are yours identical....??

    I am not finding out the sex of the twins, really looking forward to it been a suprise, unless i suddenly change my mind at the scan next monday!!!!;\)

    When is your due date???? I am due on 15th November 2007

  • hey, just being nosey congratulations on your double pregnancies !!! i'm a twin mummy too, its great but hardwork (they are 8wk old, identical girls). anyway goodluck girlies XX debs XX

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  • Hi Sarah

    Its so cool that we are only a few days apart....!!

    Good luck with your scan on will have to let me know if you find out the sexes!!

    I am looking around 7 months pregnant..........or so everyone keep telling me....!! Are you any bigger from when you had a singleton???

    Sarah x x
  • Sarah

    How strange cause i have a feeling that i am having one of each...!!! I have had 4 scans so far and on the last three one is always really active and moving about (girl) and the other is always sleeping (Boy).....!!! Also when the midwife checked for the heartbeats, one was faster than the other....

    It would be perfect if i had one of each!!!! Keep my fingers crossed.....!!

    I work duing the week so prehaps not as tired as you, especially if you are chasing around after a toddler!!!;\):lol:

    Sarah x x
  • Hi
    I am 22 weeks now. So nice to see that there are quite a few of us expecting around the same time. I am having identical girls. Really excited as I have a 5 yr old son already. What area are all of you from? I am in Oxfordshire.
  • Hi all

    I am from Four Oaks in West Midlands, just north of birmingham.

    Since getting pregnant with twins i have never knowed so many people epecting them!!!

    Sarah x x
  • Hello all

    Well i had my 20 week scan today........i thought i was 20 weeks 4 days and now they have told me i am 21 weeks 3 days......!!! So the have changed my due date to the 9th November!!!!

    Didn't find out the sex and still thinking that i am having a boy and a girl!!! Hubby was all smiles this morning when looking at the is such a wondeful sight to see them!!

    Consultant was lovely really explained things to consultant said he would let me get to full term but wouldn't let me go over (thank godimage) Althought he said that anything after 36 weeks is fine!!

    Has anyone else been measured.........i measured 26 which means i look like i am 26/27 weeks! Just wondered if anybody was the same or different????

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying their bumps

    Take care

    Sarah x x
  • Hi,
    i'm new in here too.I'm a twin mummy too..I have twin girls: Sophia Lucast Elizabeth and Adelaide Lillian Madeline.And now i'm waiting fifth baby..due is in 31 days's a boyimage
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