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where do i get decent maternity clothes when im only 5 ft!!

i am really struggling to find decent maternity trousers/jeans for short people, has anyone any suggestions i am sick of wearing the same pair!! everywhere seems to have a minimum inside leg of 32" i am a 29"/30"?? PLEASE HELP!!!:\?


  • I don't know, but as I'm only 5'1" myself, I will keep an eye on the replies to your post!
  • Hi
    I am a short person too! I got mine from Mcare - some of their 'short' trousers were ok for me, but still a little overhang over the shoes! I didn't get on with their jeans at all but found their black trousers (for work yawn!) combats jog trousers great (esp the comfy jog trousers!!!) I also used the jog trousers for a few weeks after the birth - i just wanted something comfy then! Good luck with your shopping. Whay about MandS? Their short usually suits me but they didn't have any maternity stuff in store when i went shopping. Oh, if you go for Mcare, look out for their buy one get one half price offers. hope this helps! Juliette ;\)
  • thanks for your advice i have looked at mothercare online as our local store only does regular and long and they do do short so think i will be ordering plus i will try m & s thanks again;\)
  • have u tried dorothy perkins? they do 3 different lengths. i have the opposite problem being 5'10 i really struggle as long from most shops isnt long enough!! and tops well i need long body anyway and when u have a growing bump u jsut need longer!! i dont think there is a good choice of maternity clothes out. someone should start making decent clothes which would cater for everybody!!
  • Hi. I'm only 5ft myself and its definately limiting, however, I found some in the next directory and also dorothy perkins. Both are a life saver. You dont say how far on you are but until I was about 28 weeks I wore my usual trousers but invested in a bump band which hold up your pants whilst theyre undone, a brilliant invention! I got mine in a pack of two from littlewoods catalogue fir ??10 - I highly recommend them!
  • I'm 5ft dot too and I got most of my maternity clothes in M & S. They were brilliant quality and the soft, jogger type trousers and jeans fitted me all the way through pregnancy. Unfortunately they don't keep the range in most stores. I had to go to Meadow Hall in Sheffield so phone ahead first.
  • im 5,1 and a fart, i went to dotty p for most of mine and debenhams, though a lot of wats in this season is fab so u could get away with nornal stuff. xx
  • thanks for all your great advice! i will try all these places and probably end up with too much!! this is my third child and i have always struggled to get stuff, looks like my worries are over!! I only wish id have come on here with my other two boys!! Thanks again everyone;\)
  • Hiya. Can I suggest eBay? I am finding that most sellers list the leg length and if not you can ask them to do so. I got a couple of pairs of jeans (Mothercare: ??30, identical pair brand new from eBay ??3.99!!) both of them have a 30" leg. Also, for casual wear I have moved into leggings with long baggy dress tops, mainly from Peacocks.

    Good luck!
  • What about Littlewoods catalogue? Just had a quick check and they have several different styles of trousers and jeans in their maternity range and they all seem to be available in either a 29 or 30 inch leg. Happy shopping!
  • saw advertised in a mag it said for women 5'3 and under hope this helps image
  • I'm 5ft exactly too. I bought some trousers from reet petite - they were ok but not great. Next maternity do a petite range also. I lived in their jeans.
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