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Smoked Salmon????

Anyone know if I am allowed to eat smoked salmon? I thought it was OK but just read some conflicting information suggesting maybe it should not be eaten when pregnant!

Thanks for any advice.

George :\?


  • I think it's fine, I asked my midwife ages ago and she said it was fine! Hope she was right as I've been munching on it all the way through!!
  • Thanks!! I just fancied some this evening and was really worried that I might not be allowed. I am now heading for the fridge!!
  • Enjoy it!! I had huge salad yesterday with smoked salmon and prawns and it was fantastic!! xx
  • You are definitely not meant to eat raw fish. I was told you should only have salmon and prawns that are cooked and served hot.
  • my mw sed no smoked salmon, fish n prawns had to b cooked n hot to b eaten, coz i like those crab sticks but not allowed them, boohoo!!
  • i agree hot and cooked stay away from raw.

    Anyone know where i stand on quiche?????????
  • This seems to be a confusing one. I was told that smoked salmon is ok, but gravadlax (sp?) is not.
  • I've read in several places that smoked salmon is fine (in fact it is very good for you).. but no more than 2portions a week as it can contain minute traces of mercury. I've never heard of hot smoked salmon? x I'm a bit confused now... i love smoked salmon on toast with lemon and pepper! x x x
  • Thanks for all your replies. I ended up cooking my smoked salmon the other night - lovely with some lemon juice, black pepper, cream, sugar snap peas & pasta!! Trouble is, I now have the rest of the packet in the fridge and don't know whether I should eat it or not! OH does not eat fish and it seems such a shame to waste it!! I saw my midwife this morning but I forgot to ask her... pregnancy fog strikes again. :lol:

    As for the quiche TWS, I hope it is OK as I had some last week. I can't see why not as long as the eggs are cooked.
  • i think quiche is ok as long as the eggs are cooked TWS ive been eating loads of it, george35 if u saw yr mw this morning then ring yr dr surgery n ask if u can quickly speak to her to ask, worth a try!!
  • I checked out what it says on the food standards agency website...

    Can I eat cold meats and smoked salmon when I'm pregnant?

    Some countries advise pregnant women not to eat cold meats or smoked fish because of the risk of listeria. In the UK, we don't advise women to avoid these products because the risk is very low. The risk of listeria is much higher with soft mould-ripened cheeses (such as Brie and Camembert) or p????t????, which you shouldn't eat during pregnancy. However, if you are concerned, you might also choose to avoid cold meats and smoked fish while you are pregnant.

    So i guess its up to the individual! Should we be worried about cold meats too... ham 4sandwiches etc etc! x
  • my mw said that yr not allowed to eat pre pack meats such as ham aswell as pre pack salads but i think thats really silly, wot harm cud they do??
  • I think we'd end up starving if we had to follow every single suggested guidline! I guess common sense should prevail. x
  • i agree with u jennie.p, give it a few years and they will b saying youll only b allowed bread and water lol, i think its just common sense really x
  • What are the dangers to the baby of a mother who has a listeriosis infection?

    Women who develop a listeriosis infection during pregnancy are much more likely to suffer a miscarriage, premature delivery, or even stillbirth. Approximately 22% of prental listeriosis diagnosises end in a stillbirth, an experience that is tragic for all involved. Babies who survive a prental listeriosis infection often suffer severe health problems, due to the infection itself, or the prematurity often caused by the infection. Babies born with listeriosis may suffer from mental retardation, low birth weight, paralysis, blindness, impairments to the brain, heart and kidneys. In newborns born with listeriosis, it may lead to meningitis.

    Sourced from -

  • Honestly, my midwife says everything in moderation. Providing I'm not munching on prawns daily or smoked salmon daily or even rare steak, then it's okay. Just like it wouldn't be healthy for you either if you ate all that too often. Too rich, especially for baby. 


    I think that the guidelines are there for us as a precaution...just like they have to put the "caution, contain nuts" message on a bag of nuts...just to make sure we are aware that there are SOME risks...but there are some risks in going for a walk in pregnancy too if you wanted to think about it in depth, for example, if you were high risk and didn't know it. Just go with what you and your midwife have discussed image everyone is different. 


    Love and hugs


    Mia x 

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