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Just to let everyone who replied to me.

I spoke to my HV and spoke to another doctor. I feel a weight has been lifted.

My HV confirmed it was PND and I am now on Fluoxetine. The doctor I see is more understanding, and I feel more comfortable. I haven't cried for 4 days. I have a long road to go, but I hope I don't have any more of those horrible thoughts again.

I feel the dark cloud has finally been lifted.



  • hi hun, i dont think i replied to ur post but am so glad ur starting to feel better, and its great that u have a supportive hv and gp image)

    u will be a lot of help 2 others . xxx

    take care hun. xxxx
  • hi, i never replied to your post, (havent been on for a while) but im on the same tablets and they def work i feel alot calmer and able to face things alot better. hope you feel better soon hun it does get better just hang in there. xxx karen
  • Hi again LD
    That's good to hear that you're getting some help now, and that you've got a doctor you can talk to. I've made an appointment for Monday to see mine, so fingers crossed he won't be so useless as he was last time. I've got to wait til 6th Sept before I can see the consultant psychiatrist about going on antidepressants and it feels like ages away. I had a couple of bad days over the weekend where I really lost my temper at my oh, screaming and shouting at him. I just felt so ashamed of myself afterwards.
    Hopefully I'll be like you soon enough, feeling like things are on the up. It might be a slow process but at least we're making the effort to get somewhere more positive!
    Take care xxx
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