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aaaarrrgghhh... sorry but im so cross. nearly 4 weeks ago i was told my consultant would write a letter to my doctor about my problems so i could be reffered for fertility treamtment, well this letter only arrived with my doctor today despite numerous phone calls from me :x. my doctor is wonderful and got me a refferal straight away, which i have booked, the thing is the wait is 8 weeks ( i know its not long really) but i am impatient and we have been on such a huge rollercoaster of emotions that i dont know how much longer i can do this all for. we found out yesterday that if i was ok (which im not) we have less than a 20% chance of concieving due to MrC's abnormal sperm, however i am not ovulating and therefore was told we had no chance without help. just so upset things take so long to happen. We could go private but we cant afford it and the company health care plan doesnt cover fertility treatment either.
sorry to go on, just feeling really low, all we want is a child of our own, just one will do, we dont want alot... :cry:


  • Hi there ca1312,

    I've been where you are now and I understand your frustration. I hope that things work out well for you both. I'll keep my fingers crossed. The best advice I could give anyone after being in the same situation myself is to make sure you communicate well with your oh, the emotional rollercoaster is sligthly more bearable when you know you're not alone.

    All the best to you both,
    Denise xxx
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