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Trapped wind


Baby 3 wks old - breast fed him for 2 wks but found it a bit of a disaster - he was feeding all the time.
Have moved on & giving him SMA formula - he feeds/ sleeps for 10 - 20 mins then wkes up with what seems to be pains - the minute Ilift him he ok & may fall asleep on my shoulder but the moment I put him down in basket or 10 mins later he wakes up crying.
My Mum who's had 6 babies in her time is here this week helping out & she thinks its trapped wind or possibly Colic (this coming froma lady who thought it did not exist!). I am personally afraid that we are spoling him. At moment hubby & Mum are outside having a fag whilst I'm typing this!
Have a box of Aptimel here too - was thinking of changing him to this but am afraid of too many changes for him from BF to SMA to sumfin else......

He seems to knw nite time cos he does actually sleep for a block of 3 - 5 hrs - which I knw is gr8.
I know there are loads of threads for Colic/Wind on this site but so hard trawling thru them all - has anyone any idea's?? He such a good baby & I'd hate to mess it up for sumfin we doing wrong,.
health Visitor /Doc will only say - thats life - why does Baby have to suffer!!!


  • When my lo has trapped wind if its bottom burps i lie her on a cushion on my knees facing me then bend her knees up to her tummy always works with her & get big bum burps that her dad is proud of! or if top wind i sit her straight up then jiggle my knees or i rotate her top half in circles i use aptimul & have found it really good hope your lo burps soon!
  • I found changing milk helped SMA just did not suit my lo changed to Aptamil 2 week ago and he seemed better stright away. I tried infacol with not much joy colief drops did seem to help took about a week or so to have any affect though.
    I did the same as you bf to Sma to aptamil and lo seems fine he is not constipated on new milk either...
  • Tnx a mill for reply.
    This website a Godsend!!
    I so nice to think you not on yer own.

    Thats it - am defo making up Aptimel tomoro morn & will let ye knw hw we go.

    Cheers girls.
  • Hiya,

    My little one is 5wks old, is breastfed and has suffered real bad with colic/trapped wind. I've tried everything with him; infacol, dentinox colic drops, gripe water, dill water......

    WELL.....I have found a miracle, one word: COLIEF.

    It costs ??9.99 and you can buy it at any Lloyds, Boots, Moss Pharmacies. Its basically a lactase enzyme and safe to give from birth, it breaks down the milk and makes it easier to digest in the baby's stomach. Lets just say since I started using it Ethan hardly has any problems with trapped wind/colic.

    Its worth every penny! Have a look at their website if you want more info before buying it but I would highly recommend it to anyone!

    Good luck, Eva xx
  • Hi

    I agree that Colief is brilliant - it was the only thing that made a difference with my little girl. However as it's so expensive I'd recommend asking your Dr for it on repeat prescription. Mine had never heard of it but looked it up in his book and there it was so he was able to prescribe it - saved me a fortune! Good luck x
  • Hi

    I recently changed my lo to aptamil milk from sma its loads better, she was a bit constipated on sma but not anymore. I have problems with colic with callie shes back on infacol i havent really seen an improvement yet though, so i think i will go to doc and see if can get colief on perscription too.

    Vicki xx
  • Bought the Colief drops today.... tnx for all the wonderful advice..... can I just say to anyone reading this with problems - while I was waitingfor the drops to work my Mum told me to make sure & give at least 2 oz of water throughout d day & it has defo made a diff today anyway.
    Will let ye know how I get on - tnx a mill x
    I am a mother of a 2 month old baby girl.
    I have been really upset by her constant crying/lack of sleep
    for us both.
    She kept making pushing noises like she was in pain and tensing her body up and
    it really made me feel so helpless!!
    I had tried all the different ways of holding her & bought Infacol and found none of them to be very helpful.
    I spent a while googling it one night and someone mentioned that proping the baby up on a
    few pillows so they were in a sideways sitting position helped them,
    I tried it with not much hope but OH MY GOD!! I am so glad I did as she has
    not been in pain since! It's a bit of a pain at night as I can't lie down and feed her I have to be as upright as
    possible but it's well worth it as she is such a happy baby now!! now I can enjoy her!

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