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When does the bleeding stop????

Hi All
Not a nice subject and i'm sorry!!
I had my lo 4 weeks ago and i'm still bleeding. It's not a heavy bleed and to be honest it's more of a discharge than bleed. I have asked the mw and health visitor and they dont seem to be concerned. I dont remember bleeding this long after having my other two. I am breast feeding this time which i didnt do last time so wondering if that makes any difference?
Anyone else still bleeding/draining?
Nic xx


  • i think i bled for about 5 weeks this time so i wouldnt be worried hun,mine was jst spotting for the last week or so of it but remember i kept thinking itd stopped then it was back though not great was it not to have a period for 9months?!?!?xx
  • I bled for about 4 wks so dont worry. I then had a week off before I got period. God, the fun never ends does it!!
  • I bled for about 5/6 weeks so do not worry. It's pain but it will stop.

  • I bled for 6.5 weeks after giving birth, I'm breastfeeding too
  • I bled for five weeks. Should stop soon Nic!!
  • I only bleed for just over 2 weeks, however my mw was telling me you can bleed for anything up to 8 weeks. I think the reason I only bleed for 2 weeks was I lost so much blood after I gave birth to her.
    Don't worry huni, it'll stop soon.
  • Hi

    My LO is a month old today and I'm still bleeding, I'm bf too.

    I lost 800ml blood in labour so I don't think high blood-loss effects post-partum bleeding.

    Can't wait for it to stop cos I'm fed up of pads & worried that I'm going to get thrush if wear them for much longer.

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