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Hiya. I was just wondering what you all put in your hospital bags? Do you wish you took anything else? What did you take for your lo? Thanks Abbey xx


  • Hi Abbey, all i would say is prepare for the unexpected. I took...
    2 night dresses
    2 pairs of knickers
    maternity pads
    outfit to go home in
    wash bag with shampoo etc
    2 maternity/nursing bras
    breast pads (when your milk comes in you may leak for fun!)

    However i was in hospital for 5 days so my oh was back and fourth to the hospital with thigns i needed.

    The lo...
    2 baby gros
    2 vests
    4 nappies
    scratch mitts
    But again we were both in hospital longer so needed more. Also, when i got my maternity notes my mw gave me a list of things needed for the hospital for both me and the lo which was a great help. Hope this is ok, also i packed mine 4 weeks before lo was due but mw usually suggets 6 weeks x
  • Hi, I've been researching this as well, a little early I know, but like to be planned.

    People have suggested to me to take some snacks and drinks incase its a long labour or night time, as may not be able to get anything in the hospital. Take enough for both you and your partner.

  • Hi Abbey,

    Im due in 19 days and i've packed;

    2 nighties
    dressing gown
    6 pairs of old knicks
    maternity pads
    breast pads
    water spray
    cereal bars & sweets

    4 baby gros
    4 baby vests
    scratch mits
    outfit for us both to go home in

    I think thats it? It seems alot but I think just pack what willl make you feel comfy and more relaxed xx
  • disinfectant anti bac wipes were adv by my friend a midwife as you have a shared bathroom i used them to wipe the toilet seat before i used it and the the bidet.
  • I agree with the disinfectant wipes. You'll feel betting about sitting on a toilet that you have to share with two or three other bleeding women if you can wipe the seat first!

    I took nightgowns, but I wish I'd taken 2 piece pajamas instead. I would have been more comfortable having pj bottoms on.

    Also for you:
    -toiletries (lip balm, face wipes, toothbrush/paste, deodorant)
    -a towel (you'll want a bath or shower after giving birth)
    -plastic bags for dirty laundry (send the dirty laundry home with your partner)
    -cereal bars or raisins for afterwards
    -socks and slippers
    -a light weight cardigan to wear in bed. (I was cold and didn't like to wear my dressing gown in bed)
    -dressing gown

    For baby:
    -nappiesimagerobably size 1, but if you have a very wee baby or a long skinny baby, send your partner out for Size 0 (boots) or Pampers Micro. My baby weighed 7lbs, but was skinny and wore the micro nappies for the first 6 weeks.
    -wipes (we use wet washcloths when we got home, but wipes were just easier to cope with at the hospital)
    -sleep suits (account for about 2/day you're in hospital)
    -little hat
    -scratch mits (to keep your baby's hands warm)
    -outfit for coming home

    You won't need:
    -socks for baby
    -toiletries for baby
    -shampoo for you (you probably won't be allowed to plug in a blow dryer, so you might not feel like washing your hair)
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