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I had to come somewhere to vent but does anyone else find their mother-in-law a complete pain in the bum????

Eddie doesn't have a name, he is simply MY grandson!!

She takes over, is rude, blunt and seems to take joy in the fact that eddie looks more like my husband than me!

To top it all she seems to think he should have a nursery at their house so he can stay!!

I am quite forthright and don't want to say too much but she is driving me mad!!!

Natalie x:\?


  • I used to get on really well with mine until I had charlotte, now when ever she comes over she always has a comment to make. My husband has olive skin and I well pastey. when charlotte was born her skin was like my hubby's now she is more like me, thats always a problem. She seems disapointed that Charlotte hasn't developed nappy rash yet. What ever i put her in she is either too cold or too hot. the other week we went to see them and it was getting late so I changed charlotte into a baby grow, she is really long so I have had to buy bigger size grows for her and her feet. and it was like I done the worst thing ever. it wasn't like it swamped her its just a bit baggy around the tummy fits in the arms and legs not too bad. also she doesn't agree wit the fact that I haven't given her a dummy, she doesn't need it and uses her fists for comfort so I cannot see the point. I dread seeing her now, so know exactly how you feel. Its funny coz I thought it would always be my mum that casued the problems, but she is fantastic really supportive.
  • hi natalie i know how you feel my in laws are exactly the same.i cried for two days as my in laws pissed me off and upset me so much.
    matt nearly 5 months and my mil wants to give him milky buttons and keeps on about it even though ive put my foot down. Every time he goes over their without me he never sleeps prob as father in law likes to pull his dummy out for the sake out it even though he knows matt uses it to fal asleep, so come the evening matt screaming as hes so tired.makes me so mad . think its a case of deep breathing and try not to let it het to you too much. this forum excellant for getting it off your chest. good luck x laura
  • i can completely empathise with you all!! i have two mil's one stepmum and one mum. the stepmum is a godsend and really helpful and not condensending at all. the mil although being a really nice person, refuses to even call my son by his proper name!! she shortens his name to joe!! doesnt half piss me off and i have asked her not too!!!! joe bo it was the other day! also wanted to give him juice at a few weeks old and looked at me like i was stupid when i said he was too young!! i dunno what a to do!! xx
  • Hi natalie

    I've came to the conclusion that a mother in laws job is to get under our skin. When my lo was born she used to go on & on about how much she looked like my hubby that at one stage I used to wonder if she was mine at all. It would have drove me potty!!! As for her wanting her to stay, my little girl is now 22mths & shes never even offered to babysit! No.2 is due in nov so I'm sure its only a matter of time before I've to listen to the same c**p all over again

  • dont even get me started on this one i would probably hijack the post! my son doesnt have a name either he is "the baby" that gets right on my f**king wick. she used to tell me what to do and take over when i had my first and second but i dont let her now and we have had a fair few rows about it, i think she got the message, i think that mils were put on this earth to make your life difficult.
  • Thanks everyone, I thought I was being a cow to her!!

    Oh and as for my routine and instructions - they get used as a coaster and yes, eddie's pattern goes out of the window!

    What a shame we all have to go through it but thank god we have to do it together!!!

  • So pleased i'm not the only one! my mil is coming to stay for a week to have some "mummy time" just as long as she dosn't bring anymore knitted stuff we got a suitcase full last time she was here including some knitted yellow dunagrees (oh yes i said knitted!) also a jumper which matched with the one she was wearing all for the lo how lucky is Grace?! she also says she can't sit still so usually tidys even though i'll have spent aday cleaning the house till it sparkles,one time she even cleaned under our bed i was furious esp when i'd noticed she gave the cat her tea on one of our plates!! oh you've got me started now i could go on forever at least my father in law isn't coming with her,or me & lo would be leaving home!
  • im sorry ladies but mine is brill, i havent got a bad word to say about her, she is brill with millie now 12 weeks old, she never puts me down and never sticks her nose in, i guess im just really lucky x
  • I am lucky we haven't seen my hubbys parents since baby was 6 wks old, she is now 11 wks old! Dont know why but they just havent been in touch and hubby refuses to contact them 1st! Hubbys dad is really miserable, and mil seems to think that you have to speak to babies and kids in an irritating high pitch voice, and she shortens my 6 yr olds name too!! Also we are forever being told about my hubbys sister and her life in comparison to ours!!
  • Cloclo - YELLOW KNITTED DUNGAREES?!?!?!??! Oh you are soooo lucky!
  • My mil is fine, she does anything to help us out and sometimes looks after Jack while iam at work! Its my father in law thats the pain!(they are seperated) he completley takes over, he gave Jack choccie biscuits when i had just put him in a new outfit because we were going out sumwhere, and when i finally got to clean him up he gave him another! AAAHH. He makes me look silly when he thinks the things i do with Jack arent right! Luckily we dont see him that much! xx
  • ohh cloclo put them dungarees on ebay! lol
  • Oh my god, don't you dare put them on ebay - mine will probably buy them for me, then cry when he doesn't wear them
  • I have 2 mil's - one step one whos brill shes at the other end of the country but thats not why shes a nursey nurse so knows to give people space and how to act around babies and new mothers - so lucky!
    Prob is the other one, she decided to come up 5 days after my due date (i had a feeling that i'd be late and we'd said this) i was 12 days late so she missed my lo and kept saying to me do you think hes coming yet while she was here. I couldn't help hoping my lo wouldn't come while she was visiting i wouldn't have been able to cope with being in labour with her hanging over me (shudder grrr!)
    At least she lives 7 hours away so i only have to live with guilt trips about us not visiting grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    Think Happy Thoughts!
  • ha ha claire if your mil doesnt but them for you i will! how are you doing anyway? i take it from your new name that youre getting just a bit excited.
  • I think that is great for you, you are very lucky xx
  • hi crilly i dont think it came across as you telling us not to nag about our mils at all, you are very lucky to have a mil you get on with, mine has said some really evil things to me along the lines of that i am a bad parent, my children will grow up hating me to the completer corker of "i felt physically sick when alice (my 3rd) was born coz youre far to old to be having a baby i thought she would be a retard" I will never forgive her for saying that because i had 2 m/c before alice was born and i was just so over the moon to have a baby and i think the word retard is just awful. if she was just a bit opinionated i think i could probably live with it but she is just down right evil.
  • yeah she does sound great you could hire her out for a reasonable rate lol
  • the dunagrees are just so speicial! if you let me know your addresses i will ask her to knit you all some she won't mind! she's even offered to do them in minty green how lucky am i i can tell your all so jelous
  • thing is cloclo if you tell her you love them you may end up with them in all colours of the rainbow..
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