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Is this it?

Hi, I am 40 + 4 days and am unsure if I am going into labour or not. Even though this is my second child, I was induced the first time round and nothing about that labour was natural, hence the reason for me questioning if this is it or not. I had major backache most of last night and painful tightenings accompanied with a period pain like stomach ache, admitidly some were stronger than others. However, having woken up this morning even though my belly is hard, I dont have any real pain, and was wondering if this is the begining of things happening, or is this just wishful thinking? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


  • It sounds like Braxton Hicks to me. I've been getting it too. If unsure call your midwife, maybe she can do a membrane sweep as I've heard this can sped things up.
  • it does sound like braxton hicks ave had simmilar feelings then went to bed and woke up and nothing am 40+3 days i had a sweep on friday and was told im 3cm dialated have had my show gng to the toilet up to 4 times a day and am still here im getting really fed up now and just want to cry all the time dont think a could wait another 12 days for my app with clinic then it would be another couple of days on top of that before they would take me in hosp thats gng to be another 2 weeks agghh:\(
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