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Just a note to say i am so scared about having a c section i have read loads on it but im still crappin myself about the whole thing being awake and all the other not nice bits that come with it, my first birth was a normal straight forward delivery even though in labour for 24 hours!!!!
How are you all feeling about giving birth or having a c section id like to know or if u had a c section was it that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image:\?


  • hi amos

    i had an emergency c-section with last baby 18mnths ago and due 2nd baby 4th dec i know im going to section again. i didnt get epidural they gave me total spinal block and to this day i still feel that f***ing needle but i was having contractions last time when they gave it to me i went into theatre at 03.10 got needle oh came threw at 03.20 and michael was born at 03.30 i took alergic reaction to morphine so kept scratching my face thought i had beasties crawling everywhere but it was a reaction i also had shakes i was like a junkie looking or nxt fix i was up on my feet by 11.30am but recovery can take up to 8wks i mooved hse 2wks after baby and burst my stitches so got infection but was still up and about very quickly as im stubborn its the needle im dreading this time around as i know what to expect dont want to scare you everyone has different experiences this is mine

    tracey x
  • hi i might be having one too, and im pretty scared but just like you my first was a very long labour so i know that if i do have to have one it will be quick with no contractions and no pushing so there is at least that to look forward to, i suppose whatever way you do it there are always good and bad things about it, i suggest just go with the flow cos stressing yourself out will only make it seem so much worse, just think of the end result, thats what im going to do, hope all goes well
  • Hi - i had my first 6 weeks ago by emergency section cos she was breach ( had elective booked but she decided to come early).

    I didnt feel the needle or anything - was really sore for a few days whe up and about & the bleeding after was terrible but i'm not the kind of person to stay in bed so i've been really active & have been absolutely fine.

    I was terrified before too but have to say i would not hesitate to have section again!

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