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Mild contractions / tightenings

Well i rang the mw last night and they told me to ring the delivery suite. They told me to go up so they could check it wasn't my waters. He said i just have a lot of dishcarge which is normal in pregnancy.
They asked me if i had been getting any paind and i said no, coz the few i was getting didnt hurt much. Anyway they put me and that machine and it was showing that i was getting mild tightenings / contractions. The mw wanted to keep me in but the dr said i could go home and if they get worse to go straight back. This poor midwife was really worried and she is the nicest one i have ever seen. Has anyone else had this early on and had therer baby full term?
Now should i finish work next week as origionally planned, or do i stay till the end of sept. Coz in my mind if i leave next week i can rest and the baby might stay put a bit longer?
Do braxton hicks show up on the moniters? x x


  • Hi Abbey,
    I spent yesterday in hospital on a monitor because I had blurred vision and they were concerned about the baby's heart beat. Whilst on the monitor I was getting Braxton Hicks and the midwife pointed out how they were showing up on the print out.
    They let me come home at 10pm. The blurred vision was not my blood pressure, thank god! The baby's heart beat dips now and again because it keeps grabbing the cord and cutting of it's own oxygen supply!! My husband thinks it's going to be one of those people who go bungee jumping and mad things like that.
    My due date is next wednesday and the baby is currently weighing about 8 and half pound, ouch! Should I be worrying? Lol!
    If you can leave work next week and you know you'll feel better for it then I'd do it if I were you. You may feel a bit less worried about things. I'm lucky that I work in a school so I've just had 5 weeks off!
    Take care, Denise xxx
  • Wow, 8 n half pound. Hopefully he will come out on time you dont want to go over coz that means extra weight gain, lol.
    She never said anything about braxton hicks. She did say though some people get mild contractions for a few hours after an internal. So i put it down to that. I have had a few today but tis nothing to worry about coz they arent that painful x
  • Hi Abbey, i'm nearly 37 wks and have been havin braxton hicks for the last 2 mths!! some take my breath away others you can ignore. I've been to hosp and they don't always show on the monitor! x

  • I've had my show this morning and things are definitley happening down below. How are you guys feeling? My oh is so excited, his sister is unbearable!
    Denise xx
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