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hi can anyone tell me if they have ever had an epidural? cos i'm thinking of having one but i would like to know all the good and bad points of actual experiences before i make up my mind, just can't stand the thought of all that pain again!image


  • Hi, I had or I should say didn't have an epidural! Before going into labour I was total against the idea as for starters I have a fear of needles and also there is a small risk of being permantly paralysed, but when I experienced labour for the first time (14th June '07) I was not expecting the pain to be so bad so I asked for an epidural...well - I sat still through excruiating contractions (If the anesthetist sees you jumping about then they won't do it) whilst I had the needle and tubing inserted and then stuck onto my back and shoulder only for the anesthetist to be whisked of to an emergency in theatre so I got NO DRUGS! Due to me asking for an epidural meant that I was connected to a drip which had to remain in my hand/wrist over night just incase it was needed (that hurt and made it hard for me to pick up my baby that night). Also, I had to be permantly monitored (the two big straps around my belly) then they connected a clip to my baby's head so they could track his heartbeat accurately...I then gave birth to my son by forceps with only gas and air. I had midwifes afterwards fussing around me as they all thought I had had an epidural and I had to tell them all 'I got NO DRUGS!' :\( I am planning on having more children but I am not going to bother asking for an epidural again. I am very jealous when I see on TV the women who actually get the drug when they have an epidural connected! I thought the choice was to have or not have an epidural with no grey areas - so be warned! image
  • Hi

    I've had 2 one in 1994 and one in 1999 and expect to have another one this december with no3! I found them great but had 4 top ups with my first as I was induced at 38 weeks and it was very baby was back to back, this one was at the John Radcliffe in Oxford and the care was superb. The second one was in Maidstone and it wasn't as good the drip in my hand was put in at an angle which meant I had to hold my arm in a certain way...not particularly good when you are in labour! I have never had any back problems afterwards either. I do think it depends on where you are unfortunately and how many anesthetists are available.

    Not sure if this helps you!

  • yes it does, thanks. i know this baby isnt back to back so that should make it easier unless she changes position but doc said she's 1/5 engaged so i guess that means she staying put? but i will bare in mind frags-jones comment though i guess you never know what will happen. love your picture callyb, what a cute puppy! anyway if anyone else has anymore stories of their experience i'd love to hear them thanks xxxx
  • only one thing i can say about the epidural is FANTASTIC!
  • Oh forgot to say my 2nd one was also back to so hoping this one wont be as I would like to experience a labour that wasn't solely in my back as it is bloody excruciating!
  • My birth plan reads like this:


    After my first horrific labour and birth where I was refused an epidural because (in the words of the midwife who unecessarily broke my waters) "You don't need one - you can cope" - there's no chance of them fobbing me off again!
  • i think it's terrible the way people make us feel guilty for wanting total pain relief! how dare the midwife say that?! it's your body and your baby, if you ask me it's not even up to your the partner cos no one knows your body like you do. I hope no one says anything like that to me cos i'll probably rant and rave!! well that's enough ranting and raving for one day, thanks for your replys its all really helping xx
  • Hi Ivana - no one ever mentioned it with my previous be honest I dont think they even checked! When I was induced the first time at 38 weeks, they were more concerned about getting baby out because of my blood pressure - they basically gave me until midnight or it was c-section time...I gave birth at 11.56pm!!! I didn't even know about a back to back birth then...was just told she came out face up rather than down. Then with my second they told me during labour that it was again back to back...great, thanks for opportunity to let me do anything about it! So this time will mention it to everyone - I am on weekly checks from 32 weeks anyway for pre-eclampsia so will make sure they keep checking - but I am so glad there is a way around it. Samual looks gorgeous by the way. xxx
  • I definately want an epidural & will be explaining this at my booking in appoint next week

    Like Jazzycat i had a terrible time with my 1st labour & they wouldnt give me an epidural when i wanted one then in the end they wanted to give me one to rush me for an emergency C Section which didnt happen luckily as we just managed to get her out. This time i taking no chances & explaining i want an epidural from the start.
  • i was induced at 10 days overdue & this means rapid labour pain. i started with Tens for 12 hours, then in the delivery room, i asked for epidural. they were reluctant so offered pethidin, which i took - it had no effect at all. as contractions had slowed right down, they put me on the drip to speed up. It was too much pain for me, so demanded an epidural. It was total bliss - no pain whatsoever. you have to keep still for the insertion, but you don't feel anything. You do go numb from your knees to your boobs & you do need the thingy in your hand (but it doesn't really hurt). you'll also have a cathiter fitted to let your wee escape a you can't use the loo. It might slow down contractions further & you may not be able to feel enough to push (i needed a ventouse delivery & episiotomy). but again you don't really feel anything. You stay numb for a few hours & you can't really move about much, but its worth it, for the NO PAIN thing. I'd have another one if possible. xx
  • I have had 2 epidurals the first in 1997 when my baby was back to back and had a 14 hour labour. Second time 4 weeks ago after being induced and had a 7hour labour. The epidural was fantastic it made the whole experience great and I even managed a sleep before pushing baby out. Fantastic!!!!
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