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what's the youngest age??

Hello i was just wondering what the youngest age to take your baby swimming? My baby is due Jan 4th and i really want to take her swimming but i am not too sure when i can!
Please can you help
Thanks a lot


  • i think its after the 1st set of imms, but could be earlier, midwife may know. xx
  • If it's a public pool then the chlorine levels are kept high enough to kill most bugs so babies should be fine from the start but to be honest when you hold a tiny baby the thought of dunking her in a cold pool will probably seem less appealing!!
    I dunno how old ur little 1 as 2 be 2 take swimming but i will have 2 find out, as i want 2 take my little 1 swimming,
    I will ask midwife on wednesday when i go there,
    If u find out first let me no xx
  • Hi
    Once they have had their jabs it should be fine, could be as early as 6 weeks.
  • Hello,
    We took our lo swimming when he was 10wks he found it a bit cold but it wasn't a baby pool. We got a rash vest suit has made all the difference - the only place we found one small enough was Next.
    i love taking him unfortunatly its a full day out for us as our pools an hours drive away.
    Let us know how u go!
  • hi, i'm sure i've read somewhere that it is a myth that you can't take your baby swimming until firts jabs, i'm sure you can take them straight away but it is you who can't go until you've had your six wk check.

    best double check though i could be wrong!

    michelle xx
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