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Does anyone get down days? :-(

Hi all sorry to come on here and be miserable, I just feel so down today. AF arrived this morning and even though I was expecting it I still got such a sharp rush of disppointment and loss? I didn't think it would be this hard... i'd convinced myself that I'd get pregnant easily but i'm 3 months in and nothing and I know thats not long in the whole process but does anyone just get days when they feel crap? :'(


  • Course we do abby. I am lucky because i have 2 boys but when we started trying for the first i thought it would happen straight away and it didn't. 6 months later and i found out i was pg. i fell first time with the second one and this time i'm into my 2nd month. You expect it to happen straight away first time as you spend your teenage years trying not to get pg and then when you try it doesn't happen! I'm sure you will get pg soon but those first couple of days after af has arrived are bound to make you feel a bit crap. Its such a long time to wait each cycle a month isn't it? good luck for next month, hope you get your bfp real soon xx
  • hey abby
    keep your head up hun,its always hard the day your af comes even if you are expecting it.Hopefully next month you will get a BFP im sorry it isn't this month.You have to try not to stress about it too much as it doesnt help,i know its easier said than done but just try to relax.It took us 18mths first time which ended in miscarriage and then 1 week before original due date i found out im pregnant again,so it really is just pot luck.It seems so unfair when you think about all the people that sleep around and get pregnant to some unknown father and abort it because they cant be bothered to care for a child.
    good luck for next month hun
    charlie x 11+5
  • Hi abby

    I can relate to you totally just feel like crying today really down. Been ttc for 3months my af was due on saturday still no show but got a funny feeling it gona be here by morning. So it will be into month 4. I used to panic if i forgot to take my pill lol. Anyway good luck honey. xx
  • Hi abby, chin up hun, as u can see u r not alone hun, im on day 27/31 and not feeling that hopefull, u dont realise how hard this ttc is until ur doing it...i was really lucky with my first two, first month both times, i think thats why im stressing so much this time as after the wkend it will be my 4th month...i was feeling really positive last wk, but as the count to dday comes i cant help feeling more neg....god i came on here to try and cheer u up!! Will all get there hun, just annoying waiting isnt it!!! xxx
  • Thanks so much everyone for your replies you've made me feel so much better... sorry to put a downer on eveyones evening! its just when you are at home alone in the evening and miserable you let yourself think all sorts of depressing things! I know I've got to be patient and it will happen and its so comforting reading about everyone's stories and the fact that most people on here have fallen eventually, even if it took a long time.

    I will be on holiday for ov this month so will try and get in plenty of holiday loving - i'm sure hubby will be pleased!

    Thanks again for all your support and good luck everyone ttc this month... woomummy, jen24 and spedshaw - I know we will all get there in the end Xxxxx
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