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depression during pregnancy

i was just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?

I've been sent home from work a few times recently because of dizzy spells and fainting so my boss made an appointment for me to see the company's doctor yesterday.
He says he doesn't want to 'label' me but talked about depression and says he thinks that's whats causing me to feel so bad and that i won't be able to go into work for the next 2 weeks, and maybe won't be back in again before i start maternity leave (i'm only 22 weeks).
I have been crying a lot recently and been feeling really miserable, mainly because i've been feeling so sick and dizzy etc and it's been a real struggle making it through the day at work. Not sleeping well either, but i thought that was all normal in pregnancy?


  • lots of women suffer with dizzy spells and sickness during pregnancy and crying and feeling down could just be hormones coupled with tiredness due to ur lack of sleep.

    do u think it could be deppression? if it is then its great that u will be able to get support before the birth and kinda know what to expect, if u really dont think it is though it could just be that ur having a rough pregnancy as lots of women do.

    hope the rest of ur pregnancy goes ok and make the most of ur time off and get as much rest as u can hun, xx
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