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fell out of cot

hi my little boy of 19months fell out his cot this morning when oh goes to work he brings michael in with me for little while well he wasnt going back to sleep this morning so at 8.15am i needed the loo so i always put him back in cot and leave his door and toilet door open so i can see him well in mist of doing business in loo i heard him crying looked up and he was hanging on cot rail by tummy so i ran 7mnths preg jammie bottoms at ankles and just as i got to his door he fell forward completely out of cot onto his back and head i got such a bloody fright i took him back to loo with me to finish up ( i know what a sight i looked) anyway he calmed down i phoned mum and oh who said to keep eye on him so he didnt sleep i phoned doctor as was frightened hes been checked and hes now fine my oh and mum says maybe time to put him into his cotbed but im wary as he moves from top to bottom in his cot as it is so christ knows what hed be like in bed am i just being paraniod im terrified at thot of big bed

thanks for reading and prob gave some of you a laugh at sight of me running bump and trousers ans all

tracey x


  • bless! my lo fell of my bed the other day! i was just cleaning up and she rolled over then straight over again and that was right at the edge. i grabbed her feet, but she still bumped her head. she cried for a mo but setteled down after a cuddle. its just so scary. it worries me cos its only gonna get worse as they get older!!!! nice cheery thought.
    as a matter of interest what sort of age should they go into a big bed??? like yours mine is never still in bed and i always find her at the end upside down or something.
  • hi, it does sound funny thinking how you must have looked but i bet you shat your pants!!!!!!

    my lo is 19 months and about 2/3months ago we changed his cotbed to the bed purely cos he was going to share his room with the new baby so i wanted him used to the bed then and not when baby comes cos i will have enough to do. he has been ok really he has a guard on the side and he does run up and down sometimes but they will learn that they will hurt themselves by doing it!!!
    my lo is a nightmare cos he thinks hes the same age as his 3 yr old brother so he climbs and jumps off everything it's so scary!
    michelle xx
  • Hi ya

    Glad to hear your LO is ok, that must have been a shock 4 u- still im sure it will be one of those funny stories to tell all his mates when he is about 16!!

    Can u not lower the cot so its more like a bed? mine is really high up at the mo but when my LO gets to that age where they decide that climbing is a fun option we can lower it so she cannot reach the top? dont know if im making any sense at all?? I dont have much more advice soz- thats one of many things i have yet to experience!!!

    Take care

    p.s- i did have a funny image of u running to the cot with ur big bump and trousers round your ankles - reminds me of the old Saturday nights!! image
  • hi hannah

    hehe i was some sight ill tell you its funny now coz hes ok but at time i was frantic reminded me of my teenage years with trousers hehe xxx


    i know my oh says hes a typical boy christ climbing everywhere think he thinks hes in the bloody circus xxx


    i dont really know what age there supposed to be to go into big bed eitherxxx


    sorry his cot is at the lowest level so think maybe putting it into cotbed as his cot is a cotbed xxx
  • Surprised it didnt bring on labour. Glad he's ok (and you too). Quite funny picture I must admit lol x
  • when my oldest was about 18 month he would climb his cot and did all out a few times too, she we changed to a cotbed. i think at first he did move around quite alot, but as long as you've got a guard and just use the blankets you use now, so he wouldn't over heat if he wiggled under a duvet. it has to be safer than falling from the cot!! x.
  • aw bless wingy, glad he is ok hun, im thinking of putting oliver in a bed when he is about 18m as new lo can pinch his cot. he stands on teddies in his cot to get himself a little higher, lets know how u get on putting him in bed, then ill know wat to expect image xx
  • the sight of you running across landing must have been a funny one at least lo is okay even if he does have a very shocked mummy.
    We had to put our lo in a bed at about 18 month as she was a master at escaping from the cot we thought the safest thing to do was to put her in a bed as we had not bought a cot bed (have done this time)we bought a toddler bed moved stuff she could touch and put a safety gate at the bedroom door no more escaping charlotte she just used to bang her cup against the safety gate real little prisoner...
    good luck...
  • Hello,
    I saw this post and had to join as it really tickled me.

    My monster was still sleeping in our room at 10 months and thank goodnes he was because I woke up, blurry-eyed one morning to watch him stand up in his cot, reach over the top, take hold of the bars on the outside and haul himself over!!

    Luckily, he was right next to the bed so just slithered onto the end and crept up for a cuddle.

    What I wanted to do was pass on the invaluable advice my mum gave me later that day when I couldn't think what to do (the cot was already at it's lowest level)...

    ...Get a travel cot. There are no bars and so nothing to grip on and they are really high at the sides but you can still see inside OK.

    Mine is coming up to 13 months and hasn't fathomed that one out yet, even though he can move the dining room chairs about to help him climb on the table!

    Thank you all for making me smile!
  • hi there is a post on toddler site about moving from cots to beds, might be worth a read for you x
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