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80's flashback!

omg! im listening to new kids on the block! they were my favourite band when i was younger. i saw them 2 days in a row at manchester gmex! jordan was my favourite. i can remember me and my friends singing the songs and crying cos they were just soooooooooooo good!!!! is this really the girl that went on to be the festival chick, listening to grunge and rock??? NKOTB RULE!


  • ha sadly i have to admit i had one of their albums don't know which can't even remeber any of the songs now tho! lol
  • I liked Bros
  • bros, bananarama, nkotb, what was that ginger guy called who sang 'never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...'? i was too young to buy their music. the first cd i bought was when i was 11 and it was called 100% reggae it had shabba ranks lover man! shaggy and bitty mclean to name but a that was 13 yrs ago!
  • think the ginger guy was called rick astley!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1st single I bought was :-
    "into the groove" by Madonna
  • Thank God i was a child of the ninties and as im only 24 i wouldnt remember these. I think our music was bad but the 80s was worse! LOL. x
  • lol i love 80s music so bad its good!
  • Even though I'm only 23, i absolutely love all Wham and George Michael songs.x
  • same here LouMichelle, im 24 but still remember dancing around to wham in my denim skirt and white micky mouse t shirt when i was about 4/5yrs old... and i still do it now lol x
  • wham rule! i loved andrew ridgley, i think somehow i just knew me and george were not meant to be! im 30 so i remeber them a bit better. i tell you what i have noticed? when we were kids i can remeber a bday party (my friend had the same bday) and we borrowed a load of wham records of my mates sister, now i listen to them they are well rude and not at all suitable for young kids. im your man - about casual sex! the mid 90's there my festival years whick were fab. dodgy, kula shaker, stone roses, prodigy, rage against the machine, offspring sooooooooooo many good times.
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