Eastenders, who was that?

Did you watch it tonite?
Who was that terrorising ian!?!?


  • do you think it could be a child he had with someone and never knew? or maybe cindy had a child after she left ian??? OR she could have been pregnant with ians child when she left and never told him? or it could be nothing like that!
  • I reckon it was Steven. Ians son thats not really his son its Simons son!!
  • yes! yes! yes! I think steven too coz at the end he said 'it cant be' so he must know him, is this how ian is killed off?
  • ooh thanks that a great link so glad i looked.
  • Thanx 4 clearing that up RoseRed, Is a good link! I was getting a little confused! He looks nothing like the old Steven!!
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