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Waking up at night

My son is 12.5months old and he doesnt sleep through night yet.He keeps waking up.He falls asleep again but I had to get up from bed and either give him dummy or cover him or give him drink...He wakes up at least 3times a night....I am in late pregnancy with twins and I had to get to wee couple of times plus my son waking me up, my sleep is a mess...He still sleeps with us in our room..but when the twins are born we are going to move him to his room.Sometimes he wakes up shortly after he goes to sleep and he is screaming his head off , I have to pick him up ,cuddle but when I put him back he is screaming again, could he be teething so he is in pain???It drives me mad when I dont know if he is in pain or not....Please help....


  • hi jaskulka, I'm new here and actually ttc our second child at the mo, our son is two and is still waking at night, know how you feel (except the pregnancy with twins!-congrats) if you think it's teething have you tried putting a little Dentinox on his dummy before bed we found it helped no a lot, if it doesn't do the trick then he's probably doing it for attention, our son still comes into our bed now and I'm wishing I'd forced myself to keep him in his own bed-even got him a nice blue sports car bed but he just seems to want to be close to us. x
  • Hi Amy, i give him bonjela and nurofen or calpol but not often, I dont want him to get used to have syrup all the time...He's got 4 small teeth on top and 4 small at the bottom plus the big teeth at the bottom on each side....When are his big teeth - chewing teeth going to come through on the top? Maybe now he is getting them....when the twins are born I think my partner will sleep in the same room as my son for some time....I am just worried cause sometimes my partner doesnt wake up when Daniel wakes up....he is working and he is tired...but he will take holidays at the beginning anyway, it shoul be ok......
    as I am not british what means - I'm new here and actually ttc our second child at the mo????????????????
    anyways, thanks for your reply...I am here quite new as well and I found this site really helpful especially the forum for Twins...its good to get some advice from mothers of twins or mothers expecting them.....Thanks for your congratulations....
    i cant wait to get rid of my bump, its not that big for twins but still it is bigger little bit than it was when I was pregnant with my first in pain as their heads are down and getting from the twin on the right hand side quite powerful kicks...ouch...
    keep in touch,
  • hello again! my husband is a twin and his mother is always telling us about when she was pregnant with him and his sister. are you hoping to give birth naturally? and do you know what sex they are? x
  • Hi there, i'm hoping to give birth by c-section as I experienced already natural birth plus i am worried about giving birth to twins as there could occur problems like breech baby or assisted delivery which I dont want....I dont think I could manage labour...I know they are boys and that they are non I am going to have 3boys..
    we'll see what happens but I really doubt it that I will feel strong enough for labour as I am constantly tired cause I have 1year old son at home and I have no rest at all...
    I dont think I would have energy for long labour which may as well end up with emergency c-section anyway...
    take care,
  • Hi Jaskulka, sounds like a good plan- my husbands mother also had his older brother breech, so had two difficult births, but that was bout 30 years ago so things are much better now and the last thing you want to do is worry x
  • Yes ur right...30 years ago or so the mothers didnt even know they are carrying twins..leave alone the gender of the baby....But its nice to be surprised...just with gender not twins.
    are you pregnant?
  • Morning jaskulka, I'm not pregnant yet, been trying again for about 8 weeks, in no real rush really but would be a lovely surprise if it happened soon! amy x
  • ttc means 'trying to conceive' and 'at the mo' means at the moment. hope that helps
  • helped...
  • Good morning Amy,
    wishing you good look to get pregnant....My both pregnancies were unplanned...Strange thing happend when I wanted to terminate my second pregnancy, it was too early for me, my son was 6months so I sent the papers to the clinic but they never replied and when I tried to call there was no answer....after waiting for 2weeks I said to myself it must have been a sign from god...So I went to GP once again and said that I changed my mind...When I had my first scan and found I am expecting twins I felt enormous guilt...I wanted to kill 2 people...I have never had termination and I didnt feel happy to have one done but it was shock to me when I found out Im pregnant again...Well, it shouldnt have been because I we didnt use any contraception...I was changing GP at that time so by the time I managed to go to Family Planning clinic it was too late....Anyways, I am glad as it is ....I am looking forward to my meet my babies although there is a worry about how we will manage....We will have to....Im trying to think positive...I am not the first and the last in such situation....So this is my story...How about u?Did you plan your first pregnancy?
  • hi my son is 18 months & still wakes regularly in the night time. i think mostly he is suffering from teething, or he can't find his beloved dummy. i do sleep in the same room as him sometimes & i find that he wakes up more when i am there. if i sleep in another room he wakes much less (if at all). Have you tried him in a room on his own yet?
  • hi CathyG, because the other room in our house was occupied by my brother-in-law's brother I didnt have a room available for him...But he moved out yesterday and that room is going to be my son's...He will be there with my partner when twins are born...Anyways, to leave him in room on his own all night feel strange to me.He is quite good with falling asleep on his own...I never stayed with him...I've got baby monitor.maybe we will try to leave him there before twins are born...but I developed very good hearing sense...I hear even when he turns in his cot...I think teething causes him a lot of pain..
    When did you move your son to his room?
  • Hi Jaskulka, really sorry didn't get your post until now, was in Great Yarmouth all day in the wind and rain yesterday!8\) Thankyou for sharing your story, It really sounds like fate decided to change your mind and I can see why you were a bit scared with your little one being so young still, but we all find a way, even if it is a little more difficult. I'm really pleased things turned out ok for you.:\) My first pregnancy was not planned, altough like you, I was not on contraception and had given up with condoms as they irritated meimageops: (sorry for too much information!) I had it in my mind that I was unable to have children, because I knew several people that couldn't and thought I would be one of them (I know it's stupuid) I actually was about three weeks late before my husband asked me to buy a pregnancy test and even then I thought he was being silly!:roll: We were staying away at his sisters for New Years eve and I took the test just before we went out, I was a little naughty though because even though the test was clearly positive I still had alcohol because I wasn't convinced and took two more tests before seeing my doctor.We were both really pleased once we'd had time to take it all in, we'd got married in June that year and saw it as something else to look forward to.:\) Amy x (sorry that was a bit long!)
  • Hi Amy,
    thanks for sharing your was not long...I am sure even if you didnt believe you are pregnant it must have been at the back of your mind all that was special eve for you...As you are saying you found out you were pregnant at new years eve your son must have birthday closely to mine..cause I found out I am pregnant on 29.12.I have done the test because my boobs were sore...I actually had a new boyfriend, my period was irregular I was deeply in love so I forgot when was my last period...I took twice pill after intercourse because i was scared I will get pregnant, no contraception whatsowever but I did get pregnant anyway...Talking about drinking i felt guilty after I found out I am pregnant because it was Xmas time and we all have couple of I went clubbing with my new boyfriend...But I must mention I am not big drinker, it takes really little for me to feel tipsy...then I stop..I used to drink wine during my first pregnancy and also now and then I have some..even sip of beer from my boyfriend...Doctors are talking about heavy drinking on daily basis which could and probably would harm your unborn I am safe...Talking about marriage, I am not married cause only 3 weeks after my new relationship I got pregnant and also there are few other factors which stopped us from getting married.Our families come from different countries.I am Slovakian my boyfriend Polish (although his parents and siblings are here inUK)but I am talking about the family u would invite to your wedding.I have always wanted proper wedding in church in white dress with our families and friends but as I got pregnant second time my dream will always stay my dream...Plus sadly my father is dying from cancer and following days could be his last...
    But we are thinking to get married in the office, dont know how it is called.Maybe we will do it with christening of our twins...Just close family...Now is the wedding the last thing I am thinking about but just wanted to tell you.I hope I didnt bore you, it is nice to share your stories with someone else..thanks for reading all this..
    take care and looking forward to hearing from you soon..
  • Oh Renata, I am really sorry to hear about your father, it must be really difficult my sympathy goes out to you. Was really interesting to read about your backround. I'm sure your wedding will be special wherever and whenever it happens. We were married in Antigua not just bacause our families are very different (religion) but because we wanted it to just be about us, know that sounds really selfish, but the day was perfect and I didn't have to worry about anything.
    I drank red wine while I was pregnant because I was told that a little was actually good for the blood or something! Brandon was born healthy and weighed 8.10.
    Your English is brilliant by the way. Amy x
  • Hi there..thanks...It is difficult time..I cant even go home to support my family and not to mention the funeral.My father is still alive but I know that I wont be present on his funeral.Its depressing but maybe it is better this way, otherwise If I was at home watching my father dying it could affect my babies...
    My mum and my brother are coming over for 2weeks on 5.11.Last time they came they flew in exactly on the day when my labour my mum,brother and my boyfriend were with me in hospital but just my boyfriend in labour was nice 10 minutes after the birth to have my mum and brother and my boyfriend next to me sharing the joy of Daniel's birth.
    My son weighed 7.6 . My english is good because first time I came to London was in 1998.i was an aupair and I was studying English.I left England in 2001.I stayed in my country for 3years, I had a boyfriend but it was big distance relationship...Anyway, I came back to London and he joined me for 1 month but then he couldnt find a job so he went home...after 7months I broke up with him...found a new boyfriend and got pregnant...and you know the rest...
    And also I didnt tell you after I came home from UK in 2001 I found out I had a cancer of thyroid gland...I had 2 operations, radiotheraphy and now I am being regularly checked by the doctor...I am ok now...This type of cancer is luckily treatable unlike my fathers. he has brain cancer and it was rapid since february...
    When is your son's birthday????
    Take care
  • Hi there Renata, Just got your post, wow, your life sounds really busy and complicated compared to mine! Couldn't believe you had cancer as well, glad you got through it all right and sorry again about your father. Seems like it was good timing with your last labour, that must have been nice for you all. The same sort of thing happened when I went into labour-my husbands sister had travelled down from Hull for the week cause she had some time off but I wasn't due until a week after she was to go back and I started within a day of her getting here! She was well happy. My son was born on 18th August 2005. When are you due? amy x
  • Hello Amy.My life has always been strange,full of coincidence it looks like it is not coincidence but faith after all. Anyway, I am due on 3.11. but I will never go full 40 weeks of pregnancy cause of the twins.if they are not born by 38 weeks which is on 21.10. they will induce the labour...But I thinking I am nesting at the moment...I am cleaning like mad.I have just finished washing up and putting the rest of meal into the freezer...I am trying to freeze anything possible which I will use when I wont have the time to cook for my partner...I was hoovering today and going to through clothes from Daniel.I was chatting to my mum through skype till 12. I have to go to bed now cause tomorrow i am going to hospital for routine check up of my thyroid gland function...i have run out of iron tablets I must get some tomorrow, I feel really tired...I am very anaemic this time..i was the last time as well but not as much as I am now...Where do you live? I live in North London...tell me whereabout it is from north england, or south or any nearest big city so i have an idea...And how old are you?If you dont mind asking me...Are you working?Probably not...just curious...just trying to get to know the nice person I am chatting to...
    Gotta go, I hardly see the letters on the screen...
    My son has got little cold and cough...yesterday nearly one hour screaming at 1am...but then after giving him medicine, hugs and drink i let him cry for little bit pretending i am sleeping and then he stopped , another try if i pick him up, but i didnt move and he fell asleep..sometimes he is just acting...its hard to tell.I hate when I dont know what worries him or hurts him...
    As for your husband's sister I think some things in our lives are not just coincidents...they are meant to I mentioned before...
    Good night and talk to you soon..
    Renata, xxx
  • Hi Renata, didn't realise how close you are to having your twins! You must be getting a bit un comfortable now!! Know what you mean about the nesting, it's strange how we do that isn't it? Hope your son is feeling better today, my boy often plays for my attention too and I try not to give in every time, but it's difficult. I live in the East of Enland, in Lowestoft (it's the most easternly point actually, right on the bump) It's probably around 100 miles from London centre.(about three hours or so-not sure) I don't work at the moment, I worked in a television factory before I had Brandon but my husband is a sales rep so we survive on his commission. I'm 23 but little one makes me feel older sometimes!!! amy x
  • Good morning Amy,
    yes I am expecting my twins in 19 days from today.It's scares me little bit...I remember when I was pregnant with Daniel i couldn't wait till he is born...Maybe because i didnt know what's the labour like.I think its because I am going to have 3 children to look after.3 babies depending on you it's hell of a lot responsibility!!!!I think my son is feeling better.I keep giving him tixylix syrup plus giving him tea instead of juice but he doesnt like it much.i am trying to offer him tea many times so at least something goes in his mouth...And when I give him bath I pour camomile tea in his bath..camomiles unblock the nose...i believe that that is best cure for cold....That's what I remember we were doing as children when we had cold.
    To be honest, I thought you are over 30.I have an impression that English mums are mostly first time mums when they are older than 30...Maybe its them being reasonable.first make money then have baby....But I think the older you are the less patient you become...So the ideal age for having kids its before 30...You had your son when u were 21 just like my mom and my sister had their first baby...i was bit late but i managed to have three before 30...My mom had my brother at 32. i am turning 30 next year.At the local fruit and veg market there is one young guy must be around 25 he is very chatty and nice...his mouth doesnt shut.He called me YOUNG LADY...i said to him I wish he was right...and he said really good thing to me..I dont know if I'll interpret it well...
    He said: Only our frames change but the spirit doesnt.Its so much true.
    Anyway,yes i am getting uncomfortable especially when sleeping or trying to sleep or getting up at night...And my legs are swollen and its not even hot wether...thanks god.
    Yesterday i went for routine check up at my endokrinologist.i left home at 9.15 and came back at 2.30pm...On the way back from hospital I went shopping and it was raining heavily..Imagine me pregnant having pram fully loaded with tesco bags pushing it with one hand and holding an umbrella with other hand...Plus it was quite windy...Daniel fell asleep, then i had to take him upstairs to his bed but shortly after that he woke up...He didnt sleep much yesterday during the day so we put him to bed earlier.And this morning 6.00am he was already up ready to play...But now he is back in bed sleeping...It's ME TIME now....I wanted to ask you train Brandon for potty? Mine doesn't ask if he needs to go but I put him on potty in the morning, before he goes to bed and several times during the day especially after his meals...Yesterday there was no poo poo in his nappy.Now I dont mind keeping him busy while he is sitting on his potty but when twins are born I wont have the time...but it would be the shame to give up now cause he's been using potty since the end of august and I think his nappies are less wet now and I save on them.
    When are you going to put brandon to the nursery????
    And what names would you give to twins if you were expecting them...Cause I dont know yet...We cant get into agreement with my partner, also my mom and my sis they dont like the names I could possibly give to my sons...but I am not convinced yet that these or those names are good.i like Samuel and Benjamin.Or Alexander ,Dominik..I am being little bit practical when chosing the name.all these names are known in my country and also in my boyfriend's country.
    My twins are moving more and more...I thought they will move less but now i see their hand or feet poping out...its like little lump...When I had Daniel I didnt see much of his hand or its more obvious...but i dont know which one's hand or feet it is.I am having scan next Wednesday.I am really curious how big they are..I hope they won't ne too tiny.
    Oh, looks like I am writting a fairy tale...Write me something about your son, how is he ...anything...What words can he say??
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Take care,
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