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i'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I wondered how early on the symptoms of morning sickness can start. we haven't been trying long but the past few days i'm been feeling nauseas (?) and have had no appetite at all (not like me), i've also been feeling quite run down and not really with it. I don't know whether i just have some sort of bug or whether i may be pregnant, or is this just a side effect of stopping the pill. I stopped taking it about 7 weeks ago.

I've done a test but it came back ng but i don't think i'm due for another 7-10 days so it would probably be too early anyway.

could we have been so lucky first time round or am i just ill???
any ideas.
I am going to doctors today but don't want to look daft by thinking i may be pg. it's all a bit confusing


  • well i've been to doctors who seemed to think the symptoms may be morning sickness. Have to do a test and take back tomorrow. He says if it come back ng then he'd like me to do another test next week, by which time af may be here if i'm not. Hubby thought i was going mad, even though we've discussed it and it's what we both want when i told him doctors view on it his reply was 'oh **** i didn't think it would happen so soon!'
    we'll just wait and see but as it's so early i think we'll be able to cope with either result this month.
    fingers crossed though

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  • oooh! Exciting!! Lots of luck that this is it. image xxx
  • yes, fingers crossed. we've only been married 4 weeks and the house is up for sale at the minute. Have just been and put it up with another agent though in the hope that the competition might give them a kick up the bum. I lurked about on a few wedding forums when i was planning that but i think i may get addicted here. At least I won't be driving him mad talking about it all the time though. !

  • I am an ex YYW forum member so might have seen you on there. We got married in May and moved house in June so know how you are feeling with it all going on at once. Congratulations on being a newly wed image I was a true bridezilla. Makes me laugh thinking how wedding obsessed I was. Good luck with selling your house too. xxx
  • I too was completely obsessed with my wedding which was back in July! Isn't it strange that I have completely left that obsession and gone straight too another one!
  • Lol. Then when we do get pregnant we'll be obsessing about that and crossing off the days on the calender again. xx
  • just an update. I have a feeling my sickness was related to a monster af which arrived today! never mind
  • Sorry to hear that. Maybe next month. (((0))) hug image xx
  • to be honest i think we would have panicked if we'd got lucky first time, our heads weren't really with it do maybe it was for the best. anyway it'll give me more of a chance to hang around here!!!
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