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Hardly any movements

hi there,
I am worried cause my twins are not moving much, hardly any movements since this was very slow movement I felt...When I was at the clinic on monday I had bit of protein in my urine but I have cold at the moment...And my legs are swollen especially left one....around my belly its itching me...I dont know what is happening...I am 35 plus 4 pregnant...
Anyone had the same???


  • It's likely that the babies just haven't got enough room to move around much anymore, which is why you'll feel less and less movements.

    The itching is probably to do with the skin of your stomach being stretched and becoming dry.... try a good moisturiser for a few days. If you have a rash as well though, go and see a doctor as it could be colitis.

    Swollen ankles and legs are not unusual - mine are really sore and painful at the moment and I'm only 27+2, but again, if you are worried, go and see your doctor. If there is a blood clot or something then there will be localised pain and swelling. You might just need some support socks or something to minimise the fluid retention.

    I've also had a trace of protein in my urine; if they haven't told you to go back for a retest, then it's nothing to worry about and they'll just keep an eye on it by checking it at your next appointment - if there was anything wrong, they'd have done something about it when the results came through.

    The best thing you can do is stop worrying, it's not going to be helping the babies.
  • Hi Lowri,
    thanks for your reply, I have some kind of spots,its a lot of them, they are not red, My bump definately dropped...And also I am having Braxton Hicks very often and and they last like it normal? they should last just few seconds...I read about 40 seconds....I feel the movements, but not much...thats what I thought , they must be running out of space there...poor kids...imagine lying head down for couple of weeks and not be able to move much..just joking...
    Anyways, If I dont feel well I call the midvive team...
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