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Pram for twins or triplets?

Hi , I have already asked this question but I would need more son is going to be 13months on 6.9. and i am expecting twins 34+5....I dont know which pram or pushchair to buy...whether for 3 or just for my twins and buggy seat attached to it...I have narrow corridor so it must be something that folds easily and also something which will carry all that son weights 13kg...
Please give me some tips for good prams...thanks..


  • My twins are only just 2 and my baby is due next month so i am going to keep twins in double buggy and use a baby carrier for the baby as I think a triple buggy would be too wide to get round most shops. You could put one twin in a baby carrier and your other twin in a double buggy with your older child. I have the mothercare hoxton tandem but it is quite heavy, I used to have a maclaren and wish I had stuck with it as they are really good buggy's, I have had 4 double buggy's in all and the maclaren's are deffinately the best x
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