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Hi all, I had a mmc this week - scan on Tues and pessaries on Thurs. Now I'm still losing a lot and feel totally drained. Thinking of going back to work Monday but dreading it as everyone knew I was pregnant and don't want to have to tell them I've lost my baby.
Also I was told to wait 3 months to try again to give body chance to flush out the rest and grow healthy lining but I'm desperate to be preg again. :cry:
When did you go back to work and how do you tell people ?


  • hi camlo, Im so sorry you lost your baby, I had 2 mmc 4 years ago and the hardest thing for me was facing people and going back to work. My advice to you is to not do it until you feel ready, what i wasnt prepared for was that people ignored me because they found it difficult to say any thing. Wait till you are more emotionally ready as it may well be you who has to make the conversation. Alot of people are told to wait 3 months after m/c but others are not, I was not told to wait and fell p/g again before 3 months but lost that baby too and the hospital told me my body wasnt ready to try again. Hang in there and im thinking of you.

    Hayley xx
  • Thanks Hayley, I don't mind talking about it if people already know but am dreading having to tell people who still think I'm pregnant - not had to say the words ' I've lost my baby' out loud yet.
    Guess waiting for at least 1 period is sensible and 2 ideal but anymore would be torture and I dread trying for years like I did previously before I had Tom.
    Hope your wee man is OK
  • Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss.
    I remember the 1st few times I went out the house after my MMC I had anxiety attacks. I felt like I was having a heart attack & it was all because I was scared incase I seen anybody.
    It was about a 6wks after in Macdonalds a woman asked me when I was going on maternity leave ( she was the 1st person I had to tell myself) but luckly I was able to tell her without getting upset.

    I wrk in a school & my MMC happened a few days before summer hols so I ended up having 7wks off. But it was still really hard going back, everyone was lovely but I cried for 2dys, people would say "are you ok?" & that would set me off.

    Is there not 1 person you wrk with who you could phone & tell & ask them to let others know?
    I waited for my 1st AF then started TTC again, in 2nd mth now. I would wait for 1st AF & see how you feel after that.

    Sorry I'v waffled on a bit.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x x

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