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Craving sex

Hi all...... please tell me I'm not the only one!!

I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been craving sex since day one. I know this is quite common but it's really begining to stress me out now. The problem is that although he would never admit it, I'm quite sure my other half doesn't find me quite as attractive now I have a huge belly as he once did and our sex life is becoming more of a solo event if you get my drift!! We have always had a great sex life and in every other way he is more supportive than I could wish for and reassures me all the time. I'm even feeling guilty for writing this as he really is so good and I know I should be grateful of that. It is just making me so paranoid that he may now always look at me soley as a mother to his child or be put off by stretch marks and saggy bits.... aaaaahhhh....

Anyway, it would be lovely to know I'm not alone in this self distructing body image crisis.

Think I'd feel better if I could just get some sleep but am struggling with that as many of you appear to be.

Jen xx


  • Hi Jen, up until 4 weeks ago i was the same. My OH was quite happy about the whole thing though and im sure it felt like christmas to him!LOL. Anyway dont stress too much, after the baby is born im sure he will be glad to have you with stretch-marks and all because you have given him a wonderful son or daughter.
    I hope your sex drive keeps up with you but i know i just woke up on day and the urge was gone, just gone and i havnt got it since but i have a pregnancy rash and i cant bare to be touched at all or im scratching like ive got fleas and me and OH are in seperate rooms now bceause hes so warm in bed it makes the rash worse. Take the good of your sex drive now as after the baby is born it might not be as high.
    Diane. 36+3 x
  • Hiya Jen
    Finally at 39+6 so birth rather imminent now. OH been fine up til relatively recently but when I pushed him on the subject at the weekend he admitted that now he can see an entire human being in my tummy it's not quite the same and he has no inclination to come anywhere near me.
    I tried not to get too upset because there has been an entire human being in my tummy who's been wriggling round for the last 20 weeks and I've had to get used to it!!!! But I guess now I am so bloody massive there is no getting away from it!!
    I would jump on him but can barely move let alone those kinda gymnastics so I guess I am going to forget about it all til after!!!
  • Hi Jen, I've been the same so far but as I'm only just 22wks my bump is still quite neat so I haven't felt too self concious - I'm pretty sure that might change tho as I now start to expand! I think sometimes we can be our own worst enemies with our body image & your hubby probably still thinks you look amazing - but I totally understand where you're coming from. You haven't got long to go now hun so keep it up (!) as long as you've got the drive & I'm sure your hubby is enjoying every minute of it ;\) xx

  • Hi everyone....

    Thanks so much for your replies it really does make a difference knowing your not alone in these random emotional moments.

    Feeling much better today after a few hours kip and my OH had left a big bunch of flowers in my office when I came back from lunch saying how much he loves me, bless him.

    Still think life is unfair at times that your sex drive increases just as your partner becomes less interested or you can't move the belly around well enough to participate but hey ho these things are meant to try us.... he he he.

    Thanks again guys image) xx
  • Oooh I'd settle for the flowers today.....!!!
  • old wives tale. wanting sex a lot means boy coz of testosterone! just a bit of fun girls but must say i was mad for it last time and had a boy, this time not at all bothered so will wait and see. xx
  • Ooo that would make sense..all the way through have craved sex and am due a boy in 3 days! xx
  • Hi Jenny,

    I'm 23 weeks pregnant today and he's been afraid of hurting the baby since week 16. We've talked to doctors, friends and experianced mothers and he's still terrified that the slightest physical contact will damage or deform our child. I'm at the point where I can't hide the belly any longer and despirate for advice. I have tried everything on my part to coax the attraction back into our relationship but he's literally started running away from me at sign of intamacy. 

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