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blanket, sleeping bag or duvet?

Another dilema!
My little one is abou tto be 1, but she is very tall and now too long to fit the sleeping bags. I have been using blankets, but feel that she may be too cold at night, as she does sometimes wake.
Can we start to use a duvet now? what with SIDS etc, I never know when best to do these things!


  • My daughter was in her sleeping bag til she was just over 1 & then we used a cot duvet for her.

    I think duvets arent recommended before 1 due to the risk of SIDS but if shes over 1 she should be ok

    Hilary x
  • hi

    have you tried going up a size in the sleeping bags? maybe get the 18-36 months ones, growbag do these on a website called bump to 3, that's where i get mine from for my lo.

    i haven't tried a duvet with my 2 year old yet. when he's had a blanket on in the past he's always woken up through the night having wriggled out of his blanket and got cold. we still use sleeping bags and i think they're fantastic, he now sleeps at least 12 hours overnight, sometimes even 14 hours and i really think it's all down to the sleeping bags making him so cosey.

    hope this helps.

    kelly x
  • ive used a duvet since my lo was 10mths old because this was when we had to move her to a bed as she could climb out and was already walking so was scared she would fall over if she tried to walk around in her room i found that the weight of the duvet settles her more as tried blankets and she would keep waking up
  • Hi, my lo is 13 months now. We always used sleeping bag but have tried quilt and blankets a few times. The problem we find is that she rolls over, has no cover and then wakes up. So I've gone back to the old faithful sleeping bag.

    I get mine from

    They are just like grobags but aroung ??15 with free delivery. It was set up by two mums who wanted flexible working hours. I've used the website to buy three now on seperate occasions with no probs and quick delivery. They come in different sizes and in the summer I used their 0.5 tog.
    Hope this helps.
  • weve just seen some today age 3m-18m. they have a section that folds down to make them bigger. they where ??15.
  • Thanks ladies, very helpful xx
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