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Classic chassis in a Fiesta???

Hey ladies,

Hubby and I have been looking at the Silver Cross freeway pushhair on a classic chassis - i.e. the one with big wheels and fabulous suspension! And the one that you can push and manoevure one hand no problem!

The only issue is with getting it in the car - we have an s-reg fiesta (the shape before the current one) - looking at the dimensions of the chassis and the pram body, it seems like it would fit easily, but then you obviously have lots of other stuff too!!

Was just wondering if anyone else has this pram (and what you think of it???) and whether it is a tight squeeze in the old car boot!

Mrs S x


  • h

    when i was pregnant with my first i had a mamas and papas carrycot with their mpx chassis, at the time i had a vw lupo and everytime i took lo out shopping i had to put one of the back seats down to fit it in. i would then have to be careful what i bought as there was a chance i wouldn't get it all in, especially with my mum sat on the other back seat and lo in car seat in front with me, there was no room other than for everything to go in boot or footwells of car.

    i'm not sure how lupos compare to fiestas but even now with a skoda fabia and quite a big boot i think i would struggle to get it all in.

    hope this helps

    kelly x
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