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high temperature-please help

Hi mums, can you give me some tips how to reduce my son's high temperature.I went to GP today,he checked him, he said his temperature is higher but his chest was clear, no ear infection.He is 13months old, We gave him some calpol.He didnt eat much today. Could it be teething ?he wont let me to look to his mouth so I dont know. His temperature was 38.6.
Please help


  • how about a cold compress on his head, it might b teething my daughter used to get a high temp when teething, try giving him a cold teething ring to gum on and mayb some calgel 4 his gums i found it better than bongela on younger 1s. gd luck.
  • try not to worry to much if the doctor didn't find anything. i'd just keep giving him calpol every 4 hours that he has a temp. give him plenty of juice. i woudn't expect him to eat much if he's ill just give him what he will eat x.
  • Hi
    My nurse at the doctors (I think sometimes they know more than the doctors, especially if the dr is a man)also recomended calpo and cold compresses, (over the whole body) she also suggested removing baby's clothing and let them just wear their nappy for a while to cool them down. Dont know if this will help you. This is what I always do now, and it seems to cool her down.
  • take off your LO clothes, make sure environment is cool. Even if your LO is shivering as though cold but has a temp, keep clothes off. You could also use a fan, but don't point it directly onto your LO. If your LO is eating then you could also given neurofen, but don;t give it if he's not eating. hope he's better soon
  • i also give my little one ibroprufen as well as calpol and a cool bath is always good or a walk with the push chair
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