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weight gain?


I was wondering how much weight gain you put on during the first 12 weeks?

As far as I know I am 8+2 wks and having one. however, my oh keeps teasing me saying about the size of my stomach! When we found out we were pregnant we went to the doctors and he weighed me at 10.6 this is the lightest i ahve been in ages, i am now 10.11. This has been my average weight before getting married. I think it is because i have started to eat properly but then again I have been missing meals as feeling nausea, so not absolutely sure reason for weight gain! I was just wondering what people's symtpoms were in the first 12 wks which indicated they were having twins before the actual scan?
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  • I've known I was having triplets since 6 weeks - I was about 10 stone before getting pregnant and by 12 weeks I'd put on about 9lbs and my belly had grown by about 7 inches. I started to show at around 8 or 9 weeks, and needed maternity clothes from about 12-13 weeks, although they were still a little bit loose.

    I used to feel really sick if I was hungry, and literally had to eat every hour or so to keep the nausea away, otherwise I felt so bad that I had to lie down and couldn't even lift my head off the pillow. I was only actually sick once though.

    The main symptom I had was overwhelming tiredness - I would get in from work around 5 and have to sleep for two hours before I was fit to do anything else!
  • I didn't have any symptoms which indicated twins, hence a bit of a shock at the scan! I have read you can be a lot more sick with twins & you do get a lot more tired. I didn't really have much morning sickness (eternally grateful for that!), so no clues for me.
    I was 9st for my wedding in April & 9st 4 at the point when we conceived. I'm now 9st 6.5 and 13 weeks, so not put on much. I have got a slightly biggere belly, but I think most of that is just food at the moment, not babies!:lol:
  • I think I've been quite lucky with sickness, etc....... it doesn't seem to matter how much or how little I eat though, I'm piling on the pounds! Some weeks I can't seem to stop eating, and other weeks I get so fed up of food and eating that I'm litterally starving before I can bring myself to eat anything. At almost 30 weeks I've put on over 4 stone and a wopping 19 inches around my waist! However, apart from water retention and the swelling that goes along with that, I've not increased in size much other than my belly. People keep telling me that I look exactly the same from the back as I did before I was pregnant. I'm wondering whether I can double my original waist size (another 8 inches) in the 6 weeks I've got left before they deliver!
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