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HELLO EVERYONE! I did my house work today and now my back hates me for it!!! thank godfor wheat heat bags i couldnt live without mine! anyone else suffering?:cry:


  • I get like this if I over do it a bit. Its jus ur body tellin u to slow it down I suppose!! I am like a mad woman at the minute where cleaning and organising things round the house are concerned. Its doin my husbands head in!!! And I've got my mum in a panic that I'm 'nesting' at 28 weeks lol
  • glad im not the only one! thought this 'nesting' was just a joke but it really is true, we do do it! ive been gettin period like pains and my hips hurt. anyone else having this? kiea i keep meaning to get one of those from avon! hope they really do work as my neighbour says she gonna order me one next book! xx
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