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False alarm

Hi there,
yesterday I went to hospital thinking that my labour had started.I am 37weeks eexpecting twins. Me,my hubby and my son went to Tesco's and all the way my tummy was contracting, I had period like cramps ,strong ones and pain in my lower back.It last for about 1hour or so.When we came back home I didnt have that painful contractions but they were coming regularly every 5-8minutes....I am wondering if the fact that we made love before we went to Tesco's made all that pain.We were disappointed and upset that it was not the real thing, cause we arranged babysitter for our son, called everyone,also my hubby called to his boss to take 2weeks off. i am second time mum I thought I will know when I am in labour but yesterday was really confussing for me.Also I am expecting twins and I was worried about my babies....Well, everything was fine, they examined me , monitored and I had a quick scan.I am glad maybe I didnt give birth yesterday cause my midwife looked like she didnt know what she was doing and her phone rang twice, and the monitoring machine for heartbeat kept going on and off. I am worried that next time she will be there again.....hope not...After all I was happy to come home to my sleeping son...I missed him all that time I spent in hospital.....
Anyway, twin mums, tell me if its the labour different from when you have just one...did you all start to bleed before labour? SHOW????With my first baby I had a show at 2.30 am and my son was born 10.57pm.
Thanks for your replies...


  • my boys were born exactly 2weeks after show- but am wondering as no reply from you does it mean you've popped?? hope all is well n looking forward to news xx
  • No I didnt pop yet....I didnt have a show yet...Just having a lot of pelvic pain...and backache...when where your sons born? I cant remember how many weeks you were....
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