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can i wean yet? im exhausted from bf!

hi, my baby is 14weeks old. ever since he was born (at 7lb12oz) he has been demanding a breastfeed every 2hours. its really demanding. kept thinking as he gets older he will feed less. He is still feeding every 2hours and now also getting up for a feed every3hours at night. he used to last 5hours at night. When will it get easier? should i start weaning him? or should i introduce formula?


  • its not recommended to wean before 6m though lots of mums wean at around 16wks.
    my lo was still doing 2/3hr feeds til about 3/4m and didnt sleep through til 7m so i know how tired u must be hun, i really will get easier soon hun as babe will learn to go longer between feeds also do u think babe is hungry evert 2 hrs or cld be using boob for comfort? i know my lo did and would have happily stayed "plugged in" all day long. xx
  • i agree with kirst3 that u shouldnt wean before 16wks however when my lo was 12wks i started to wean her because she was servely under weight as she had refluxs so i say try and hold out on the weaning if possible and have you thought about offering boiled water instead of a feed as he may just be wanting the comfort from suckling

    hope you find something that suits you
  • he is definitely hungry every 2hours. ive tried to wait longer but he gets really upset.....anyway, tried to give lo expressed breastmilk so that oh can feed him and i can have a break but guess what!!! he refuses the bottle and screams cos he getting frustrated and hungry. Any1 else had this problem with the bottle?
  • Hi i weaned at 12 weeks was the same as you just couldn't fill lo i used to express a bottle which she took fine but she was still hungry after a bottle of 150ml to 200ml,so i went to speak to my gp who was fab & she advised a little bit of baby rice if she didn't want it or stated screaming not long after it was too early to wean but she wolfed it down! she's not 6 months & is onto chicken or fish with orange mush,you could try speaking to your gp if you still have no joy with the bottle,hope you get some rest soon good luck xo
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