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any one else having movement problems

hi all,
im 32+4 and im having problems with getting the baby to move 10times aday. ive been on the monitoring and now have a kick chart to keep.
has anyone else had these problems?


  • i did with my first i was at the hospital every other day shes now nearly 4 and wonderful.
    but if your worried always contact your mw there for you at the end of the day take care
  • Hi.. I had 3-4 days last week when little un hardly moved at all and I had to go to the hospital twice for scans/monitoring ... however since then he hasn't stopped moving - and when I complained about how uncomfortable I was last night when baby wouldn't stop kicking me in the ribs O/H just laughed and told me that last week I would have given anything to feel him move as much!.... The m/ws at hosp said they would rather I go up there 20 times in the next 8 wks if I were worried than stay at home - its always better to get it checked out if you're worried but I'm sure little one is prob just resting or running out of space.

    Good luck x
  • I only had movement problems which actually really concerned me once ..but baby started moving after a lie down, cold drink and a bar of chocolate and didn't stop for ages. I've found that my lo doesn't always move often but he seems to have busy days and quiet days... or more likely quiet days and busy nights!

    Hopefully your kick chart will help you figure out your lo's active times - just remember to bug your mw at any time if you are worried!
  • I hadnt felt the baby move all morning and started to worry, but then i had a sugary drink and he hasnt stopped moving since. Kind of annoying though at night time when trying to sleep on your side and you can feel him kicking the underside. Also it sometimes feels like hes got his foot stuck under my ribs.
  • hello all.thank you for the support, been doing the kick chart for 3 days now and we have made our 10 each day, i think she must have had an off day. the midwife at the hospital said shed prefer me to feel happy and go to the clinic than sit at home and worry.
    just hope she keeps up here 10 movements a day for the next 8wks.
  • It is a good excuse to put your feet up - I always find the baby starts to kick if I lie on my back... I know that they recommend that you don't sleep on your back but just try putting your feet up for a bit - the baby normally wakes after a while xx
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