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How many nappies?

I was just wondering how many nappies is "normal" for a newborn to go through in a 24 hour period. My little girl is 8 days today im breast feeding on demand and she is feeding approx 2hrly and she poo's before each feed and sometimes we might get the extra one or two during day. So she's pooing about 10times a day is this ok? Am i just being a paranoid new mum? lol.



  • You know what, I have no idea what's normal.

    I'm not sure there is one:\? I'm fairly sure I get a dirty nappy after each feed.

    Its when your LO stops going regulary that you should start to worry.
  • Hi when i was pregnant and planning to breastfeed i was told that babies generally poo after every feed so i was worried coz my lo would go days without doing any, so what your lo is doing is probably normal !! Your'e not being a paranoid new mum Sam is my second and i think i am worse this time round xx
  • My little one pooed so much when she was bf, all she had to do was trump and she pooed!! It was certainly at least everytime she fed which was every 3 hours or so! I was concerned too but my health visitor said it was completely normal!
    I was tempted to buy shares in Pampers!!
  • Hi Gem,
    I don't think you need to worry. Remember changing my lo what seemed like constantly the first few weeks. Now he's 8 weeks and feeds less frequently they've slowed down. xx
  • Be reassured this can be quite normal. I had this with no 2 and was so worried that I ended getting stool samples sent away as I was so convinced that there was something wrong!!! Needless to say she was fine - just a bit whiffy!!! My hv at the time told me to let her lie on disposable changing mat with bare bum to save changing her! Didnt take that advice! It all settled down and her feeding and bottom got into a better routine after a couple of weeks.

    Take care
  • finley is now 10 weeks and every nappy is a dirty one i got worried too as i bf my 1st child and she only did 1 a day
  • Thanks ladies i feel alot happier now that it's normal and not something going on or a stomach bug. Just surprises me how much something so small can poo.....
  • Hi Hun, every baby is different and as long as your lo seems happy enough I wouldnt worry, it will eventually settle down, so relax and enjoy being a new Mummy.
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