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Stretch mark free!!

Hi, has ne1 else managed 2 stay stretchmark free at bout 6 months pregnant? Im abit envious that im goin 2 get them wen i hav had my baby tho. Wot do u think? x


  • Hi
    Im 34 weeks tomorrow and have so far managed to avoid them. You watch i will get loads now ive said it. Been using Palmers Cocoa Butter every day after bath/shower!image
  • I did not have any stretchmarks until about 8 months. Then they began to appear. I used bio oil after the baby was born that helped to fade them. I'm now using bio oil at 7 weeks and onwards along with a vitamin E cream. Try these - that's all you can do to try and avoid stretchmarks I'm afraid.
  • ive been using Bio oil which is really gud. I use it in the bath or rub it in if i am havin a shower x
  • i didnt have any until a week before my due date then they came!
  • Me too! Mine appeared 3 weeks before my due date then after Poppy was born and my immense belly shrank they came with a vengeance!
    Fingers crossed you don't get them!
  • I'm 31+3 and not got any so far, I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter too but I am pretty sure its only a matter of time before they start appearing! x
  • i was quite pleased not to have any at 6 months and boasted this...then they atacked!looks like ive got 2 hands holding my belly! i use palmers, bio oil and baby oil! every day! they arent really goin anywhere. i dont think the stuff really works anyway! my skin atcually feels tender on my bump where the stretch marks are,and quite sensitive. anyone else got this?
  • I didn't get any at all !!
    I was really surprised as I am quite big up top (34 F) and I have them on my boobies. Got them at 14 or 15 years old.
    So my skin isn't that elastic, feel very lucky I escaped them.
    I am pregnant again, watch this space.....................
  • I was proud to be stretchmark free until about 33 weeks... Now at 40 weeks they snake from my bikini line halfway up to my boobs AND I have some new ones appearing on my boobs too.

    I used bio-oil and palmers cocoa butter twice daily but if you're going to get them there's nothing you can do. I'm now suffering from PUPPP (or PEP in the UK) which is an itchy skin condition which starts in your stretchmarks - its driving me crazy so I hope you're lucky enough to avoid them and this condition!!

  • i got loads on my hips when i had my daughter. but this time round i havent got any new ones yet ( still got 3 months to go though). i heard that its manly down to gens if you get streachmaeks or not ( ie if your mum had them it is likely that you will have them too). but im using baby oil and parmers streachmark lotion.x.
  • I bragged that i was stretchmark free,friends and family said if you can reach 37 weeks without them they wont appear- how wrong were they! I have some lovely ones now. I used bio oil from week 6 and still using it which i think is really good as it does seem to calm them down a bit. Im glad i used it as i'd hate to think how many i'd have otherwise!
  • Hi

    I went two weeks overdue and I didn't get any stretch marks on my belly.
    I have developed stretch marks on my boobs though; I'm breastfeeding and have gone from a B-cup to a DD-cup.

    Like most people I used Palmers Cocoa Butter everyday.

    Hope you manage to come-off unscathed! x
  • I'm 36 weeks and am stretch mark free too! I use Mother Goose Stretchmark Cream from Superdrug morning and evening... x
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