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Hello ladies in the baby forum!
I'm 33 weeks with my first and i've been wondering if it's true that having a baby helps you make friends. I moved to a new area last year and due to my job (I run a pub) I find it quite difficult to make genuine friends even though i'm surrounded by people all the time. I've often heard that having a baby is a great way to make new friends and just wondered if any of you found this to be true. My antenatal class was just one session and there was no real opportunity for chatting with other people.
Thanks, Jane x


  • I met alot of friends through our local mother & toddler group & a local baby music group. I started going to these when my daughter was 6 months but I would def recommend going sooner. My daughter is now 2 & I would count the friends I've made at these groups among my closest friends now.

    Your just right thinking ahead. Good luck

    Hilary x
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. I've never heard of a postnatal group so i'll have to ask my mw. I'll definately look into netmums to see whats on in my area.
  • tbh i've found having children has made me feel isolated and alone (friends didn't have kids) and now have pnd, so i think going to groups and meeting people that are in the same position as you would be a good thing for all new mums to do as it gets you out of the house, wish i'd had the confidence to do that with my first... i'm working up to it now (4yrs later)!!
  • also, thanx mrsd, just went to netmums it's fab!
  • Hi Jane

    Firstly, many congrats on the impending arrival!! I had my first, Sam in May and although I have lived in the area all my life, no one who I knew was expecting at the same time. I have found my local Surestart childrens centre to be invaluable. I do hope you have one in your area. They were originally set for so called 'deprived' areas but now all the community-up until children are 5-can have access to them providing they are in the catchment area. They run 1 group which is just for mums to be/babies 0-1and its wonderful...esp for mums. We now have a good social life outside of the surestardt group too and see each other at least 3 times a week.Your local library may run groups or have notice borad with info. There is also 'netmums' which is full of local info/groups. Since having Sam i feel all i want to do is talk to others mummys about mine/their LO's...its a wonderful time Jane. Embrace & enjoy
    best wishes .Lyn
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