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just found out

I literally just properly found out Im oregnant tonight by doing one of those home tests and, to be honest, I am feeling really scared right now. My husband and I only started trying a couple weeks ago so it all seems quite surreal.
Plus now Im scared that any alchol I may have drank before I knew could have done serious harm.
I dont have any friends with kids so i guess I just need to see if anyone out there feels the same tings as I do.


  • i was so drunk the week b4 i found out i was pregnant, i was 6 weeks pregnant when i found out, so was 5 weeks when i was drunk and millie was born fine, i wouldnt worry hun just aslong as you keep off the booze now and take frolic acid every day, its a really good start for the baby, i took one a day till i had my 12 weeks scan, good luck and congrats, im trying with my second but not pregnant as yet lol x
  • hiya

    i was really late when i found out that i was pregnant, 20 weeks gone, and had drank a lot in that time. i had been on 3 holidays, once of which was a hen night, plus the wedding, countless meals out, takeaways in with wine etc. i stopped drinking as soon as i found out and reece is fine, 8 months now and a little gorgeous monkey.

    congratulations, good luck, and try not to worry, just take care of yourself now xx
  • congratulations,
    i think a lot of people worry about drinking before they knew, we all have done it, i was 11 weeks when i found out with megan and i was so drunk the week before but shes fine. like everyone has said as long as you stop now.
  • Brilliant news!!! I'm so pleased for you! When are you due?

    Like the other girls have said, I really wouldn't worry too much about having had a few drinks. I had one or two (was out til 5am actually) the night before I conceived and I'm not too worried about it. I will be stopping drinking now I'm pregnant though.

    If you're due in July then come and join us in the 'due in July' forum. There's only a few of us in there at the moment!

  • thanks everyone. I feel better about the drinking thing now. Still worried about every twinge I'm feeling though. I haven't been to see a doctor yet and my appt isnt for another two weeks. Until then I don't think I will really feel that I'm properly pregnant - if that makes any sense. Have no clue about when I'm due or anything - although I'm guessing I'm about 5 weeks along right now....
  • Welcome 2 the world of the paranoid! You are in the best place - I have had some great advice from other members and they are great 4 pointing u in the right direction! It is fantastic 2 b able to chat 2 other people going through it all with u without fearing asking stupid questions. This forum has been fantastic 4 me and has helped me loads - hope you get the same feedback from it!
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