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Test results in!!!

Hey girls as most of u know had bloods last weds to check ov levels etc..results are in and it looks like my body is working normally!!! My level where what ud expect when ur about to release an egg (good news as 2days after i had bad stitch pains for the 1st month since ttc) and dr said that would of been my ovulation!! So hopefully after 6months all those horrible hormones have left my system!!! Af due sunday or beginning of nx wk (has been later some months!) The later the better really as hubbie due bk the 18th so am hoping to have a shot at it this month! Am feeling so positive!!! xxxxx


  • thats such good news hun really pleased for you, just get lots of bding in and fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • Thats such brilliant news - you must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders! I'm really pleased for you and sure your husband will enjoy being jumped on the minute he walks through the door!
  • I haven't been on here for a while and was scrolling through the first couple of pages to see if you had any news from the results and completely missed this thread at top of page!

    Am so pleased results came back with good news and really hope it all works for you when hubby home. Good luck.
  • Brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you. Hope your body behaves and waits for your hb to come home before ov!

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but which day did they do the blood test on? I'm going to go to the drs in the next week or so and I'm hoping they'll do the same test for me, but hb and I live apart because of his job and I need to be where he is when I ov, not at the drs having a blood test!

  • Hi Kim,

    I am really happy for you. How have you been? Hope you and little ones are well.

    Kerry xxx
  • Hi Kim! Thats wonderful, all the best with ttc from now on!!!!! AMY X
  • Fab Kim! I'm so pleased!!!
    He won't know whats him him when he gets back!!!
    Lots of love M
  • Great news!!!

    Now get baby dancing - thats an order.

    Mrs WB xxxxx
  • Thats good news, fingers crossed for a BFP for you this month then. Sending babydust************* Filo x
  • Hey girls thanks for all of ur support!!! Duno where id be without u lot, so hard not being able to talk to pple about ttc but i know i can come on here and everyones great!! Hubbie will not know whats hit him when hes bk really hoping i dont ov b4...first time ever but i want my af to come late lol!!! Hes had his orders to er how do i put this...not to have any self relief at least 3 days b4 lol...god i cant believe i just wrote that!!! And to anwser ur Q daisygirl i was on day 18, and the nurse said the levels showed i was just about to release an i didnt have the 21 day which says if u did...but my levels showed i was guna so the same thing reallly, she said i was bang in the middle of my cycle so means i ov on day 18 or around then! Yey so excited and positive now...bring on november!!! xxx kim xxx
  • Thats great news, chuffed for you. xximage
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