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Hahaha you'll never guess what I put up my nose today!

teehee - I am either a freak or resourceful...

I was driving home from work on the M62 today and suddenly had a nosebleed. I usually have tissues in my handbag and rooted around for some before remembering I'd given my last one to a snotty child at school. I had no idea what to do!

I thought I'd pull onto the hard shoulder and see what I could do and then realised that due to road works I couldn't as the hard shoulder was out of action! eeeek!

I hunted in the pockets of the car I could reach safely (blood dripping out, not nice) and did find something that I could possibly use.

A tampon!

I had emptied my bag of tampons a few weeks ago (not going to need them for a while and could use more room in my bag) and had put them in the car until I got home (and then forgot about them).

So I unwrapped it and shoved it up my nose! I must have looked like a total fool if other drivers saw me (that stretch of the M62 is slow moving at the best of times).

Anyway - it did the job well and crisis was averted

So, do you think I am a numpty freak or resourceful in a tight spot?



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