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Hi ladies

sorry to sneak onto your forum *blushes*, i'm from ttc but just had a question for all you pregnant ladies...

i've not mentioned this to anyone yet in ttc, dont want to get my hopes up etc, but for the last few days by boobs have been feeling different, like much heavier if you know what i mean? quite sore to touch, but not really painful. also (sorry tmi!!) normally my CM dries up fairly quickly after OV, but its stayed around and is quite thick and creamy.

other than that i've got no other symptoms, and af not due for another 8 days. has anyone experienced symptoms like these before and then found out they were PG??

Any comments gratefully received!


Emma x


  • Hi Emma,

    I had the sore boobs very early on, not sure about the CM as we werent ttc so I wasn't looking lol! However different women get different symptoms and it can be different for subsequent pregnancies. So you could be but you might not be! Not much help I know, sorry!
  • Hi There!!!

    My first signs were sore boobs as well. I was so excited by the thought of it i wated till i was only 3 days late to take the test bearing in mind i was never regular anyway. I had to do a few tests just to check i was not dreaming.

    Having sickness wasnt part of it at all.Just sore boobs and my body feeling different. Not sure how though. I just knew. And i have been trying for 5 years. Can you imagine how many times i gave up?
  • I tested when i was one day late as the week leading up to it i just felt different. My boobs were very sore and tingly and they looked very veiny. Had no sickness but did have a metallic taste in mouth.
    As we had been trying for over a year i just went to Tesco and got an own brand test the day after due on and was posotive. It was April fools day so did both tests!!!image
  • thanks so much for your replies girls, and congrats to you all on your pregnancies....

    oh well i'll just see what happens next week!
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