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I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible hacking cough and sore throat...I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what you can take whilst pregnant....I am having lockets and soothers but they don't seem to sooth my throat.


  • Midwife told me that the only thing i could take was paracetamol, and a honey and lemon drink. I've been sucking fruit pastilles for the sore throat cause she says I can't have other stuff.
  • I had a cold a couple of months ago and its safe to take Honey and Glycerine cough mixture during pregnancy but tell the pharmacist you are pregnant before buying it. I kept this with me at all times and didnt even bother with the spoon, just swigged it from the bottle. I found this soothed my throat and I just love the taste of it too (sweet tooth).

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • lol just started coming down with a cold image glad someone else asked any cures for sneezing??? i've got rather powerful sneezes that hurt my tummy image
  • Thanks for all your advice, I am going straight to the chemist and hopefully will start to feel better.
  • I had flu at 11 weeks and the worst cough ever I asked my pharmacist and he said I can take simple linctus which is just a mild cough medicine. And you can take buttercup syrup too apparently (but ask pharmacist first don't take my word for it!)
    I heard its fairly safe taking medicines in the second tri. but everyone tells u somethin different!
    I liked having extra strong mints as well as they unblocked my nose too. Philippa 16wks today! x
  • I cant remeber if some throat/cold sweets are out of bounds due to the vit a content if in doubt its best to ask a pharmisict (however you spell it)
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