Hi. just wondered how many of you tested for downs etc.... Did anyone have amnio????

I had nucal at 12 weeks which the sonographer assured me all was fine. I then had the triple blood test which came back 1:1420 so again happy with that.

Still cant help but worry though. i am a worry monster!

Just wandered with our ages etc..who had tested!
d xx


  • Hi
    I had an amnio in January 2007. The test itself was fine although I lay down for a week afterwards out of fear that I might miscarry. Waiting for the result nearly killed us, it took 5 long weeks .. it was the worst wait of my life. Thankfully it came back as fine and we now have a beautiful, healthy 4 month old girl.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  • I only had the nuchal scan with the bloods and thought the risk was so low so didn't bother. I have had so many scans that I am sure that there would have been other markers that were present if she was Downs. I cannot wait to hold her now...am wishing the days away!
  • Hi.. I only had the blood test at 15 weeks which put my risk at 1:480 which isn't bad for my age... I decided not to go for any more tests as i'm not sure I could act upon bad news.... Like callyb i've had loads of scans now so I think they might have picked up something if there was something to pick up.... I think worrying about the baby is part of being pregnant... I worry if he moves to much, too little....etc etc! I'm also wishing the next 44 days away (but only because I've got spd and carpal tunnel syndrome - I'm terrified of having another baby to look after!!!)
  • Hi everyone,
    Isn't it great we have our own forum at last?
    I'm having a really great pregnancy so far; I was well during the first trimester and my 20 week scan showed the baby was a good size and everything was in order. I'm 21 weeks with my first and I will be 35 in a couple of weeks time.

  • Hi,
    I am 37 and have a 13month old daughter.
    I decided not to test for downs, as it had taken so long to have a child, I decided that if she/he was disabled in some way, then I would deal with it regardless (maybe slightly rose tinted glasses?!) anyway, Grace is fine. she was born with hypoglyceamia, as I had a hell of a labour (emergency c section under GA after 20hrs) and Grace was distressed. she was in neo natal for 4 days to get her sugars back up, but is absolutley fine now. We are thinking of trying for another one soon!
  • Im still trying to decide whether to test or not! Very confused by all the tests they do now - dont think would want an amnio but how do the other tests work? Are they that accurate? How do they work out the results - whats good and what equates a risk? Am 38 and already got 2 boys of 6 and 14 and this all seems really new to me this time round!
  • hi all.
    older mum 69 the blood test can be inaccurate. Lots of younger mums on march forum got a high risk result but after amnio all was fine with baby. I have always had test done at about 15 weeks and this time came back fine too. I also had the nuchal test done at 12 weeks which was fine. Ask your mw to explain what can be offered.
    Mum of grace..she is very cute!!! Good luck with TTC another. Its worth it!
    d xx
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